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Simo’s Training Log – Trying Not to Be a ‘Fat Dad’


Before you unrack make a double chin and squeeze your lats (Greg either says tickle your armpits or squeeze an orange in your armpits). Then take your air, unrack and walk out. Breathe out a little and take your air again. Squeeze down on it focusing on squeezing in your lower back. Make sure your shoulders don’t move when you inhale.


Thanks Mark I’ll give this a go in my next squat workout.


The misses has gone away on a girls long weekend for the next 3 nights, so no training for me unless i can find a baby sitter !! Looks like my next deadlift session will have to be on Sunday night.


Training today has consisted of 60 bodyweight squats and 60 push ups. Split into 3 superset of 20 reps. Both done as fast as possible whilst watching Eddie Strongman and drinking a coffee protein shake.


The watching Eddie strongman and coffee protein will pay off the most I think. Well done!!!


You are right there for sure. For some reason I can’t watch a strongman doco or a bodybuilding doco without wanting to do some push ups. I’ve been like this since I was 15!!!


Big food day today. Had lunch for a neighbours birthday, lasagne, roast lamb,
Roast pork, Potatoes, salad… it was goooood !!
Now about to head out for pizza with the kids and some friends. #embracethebloat




I’ve watched Eddie strongman 4 times lol


You might have to spell that one out for me !!


So went out for dinner with my mate and our 6 kids ( 3 each) both our wives are away together. I went to order a medium pizza because I ate big at lunch. He looked at me, raised an eyebrow and says c’mon man you can do a large. So I order a larger pepperoni and smash it. Stomach is pretty big now, lol !!


Road to Super Heavy Weight I think, seen it around and they were big guys, so I assumed :slight_smile:


I love it, quality


My stomach is feeling some empathetic bloat just reading this.


My daughter had her karate grading today and is now a proud new blue belt. It’s so much fun watching her do her thing. When she is working hard and so focused on the job it makes you know your Doug an ok job.


Karate is awesome… but she’ll kick your ass if you try to correct her.


She is already too quick for me, luckily she just bounces off me at the moment


10-12 years ago I was pretty content binge drinking with my roommate. Now I’m all grown up and love seeing stuff like this! Congrats, dad!

As stated earlier in the week/last week, I really enjoy interacting with the “adults” and dads of this forum.

My five year old daughter snagged a spot at one of our K-8 magnet schools this week. We might be learning Spanish! It’s a dual language school and she’ll be paired with a Spanish speaking kid in her class and they essentially help each other learn their second language. As parents we’ll have to figure it out to so we can help her out at home. I’m excited for her!


That’s great news JM, or should i be saying " qué buenas noticias" . I too get a lot of enjoyment interacting with the grown ups and dads on here. It always makes me smile to read about dads doing good stuff with their kids or the kids achieving some great things through hard work and good nurturing.


Monday 23rd April - micro 3 week 2
Deadlift and OH press

Bar x 10
65 x 5
105 x 5
125 x 5
132.5 x 5 RPE 7 speed was ok
132.5 x 5 RPE 7 bit quicker
132.5 x 5 RPE 7 slower
132.5 x 5 RPE 8 getting harder
132.5 x 5 RPE 7 faster that last set, thought about doing a few more reps but decided to stick with the program.
Tried to cue jumping into the lift tonight by raising the hips then dropping down before pull hard. Felt a bit odd, in some speed was ok especially the top half of the lifts, others not so much.!

OH press - band pull aparts between sets
Bar x 12
45 x 6
60 x 5 RPE 8
60 x 5 RPE 7
60 x 5 RPE 7
60 x 5 RPE 8
60 x 5 RPE 9
Presses went pretty smooth tonight, happy with the reps.

Pull ups - Max x 4
10, 8, 7, 6
Superset with
Push ups - Max x 4
35, 20, 20, 12
Training was slow tonight so kept the rest short between the supersets. It effected the reps but didn’t lessen the PUMP!!
Overall a great session tonight happy with both the pulls and the presses.

Weighed myself after all the pizza at the weekend and was 85.4kg, weighed myself tonight after training and was 83.1kg. Amazing what some pizza can do !!