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Simo’s Training Log – Trying Not to Be a ‘Fat Dad’


Before you unrack make a double chin and squeeze your lats (Greg either says tickle your armpits or squeeze an orange in your armpits). Then take your air, unrack and walk out. Breathe out a little and take your air again. Squeeze down on it focusing on squeezing in your lower back. Make sure your shoulders don’t move when you inhale.


Thanks Mark I’ll give this a go in my next squat workout.


The misses has gone away on a girls long weekend for the next 3 nights, so no training for me unless i can find a baby sitter !! Looks like my next deadlift session will have to be on Sunday night.


Training today has consisted of 60 bodyweight squats and 60 push ups. Split into 3 superset of 20 reps. Both done as fast as possible whilst watching Eddie Strongman and drinking a coffee protein shake.


The watching Eddie strongman and coffee protein will pay off the most I think. Well done!!!


You are right there for sure. For some reason I can’t watch a strongman doco or a bodybuilding doco without wanting to do some push ups. I’ve been like this since I was 15!!!