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Simo’s Training Log – Trying Not to Be a ‘Fat Dad’


Nothing wrong with that.


It was a crap rep. If that makes you feel better


It was a brutal rep. My 370 rep felt like it almost stopped so I imagine it looked like your 405 rep.


Woke at 85.8 ! Didn’t feel like I ate too well on Sunday so must be from Saturdays take out. Did go any destroy the toilet not long after so am now probably 84 lol


Thanks @MarkKO @JMaier31 @losthog @bonoboschimp
I wasn’t really looking for validation but it’s good to know that the log isn’t a total bore fest. Some days I am very torn between following my own advise (be consistent and patient and work hard), and just going crazy and going for a max !!


Hey Simo didn’t chime in on the small rant there. I like your log as well-
It’s the logs where there’s a bit of everything, where you get to learn the guy behind the avatar and see how they train and how they feel that’s the interesting ones.
And yours is one of them.


Simo, don’t worry about your log mate, it’s all good! Good to always see what people are up to, and hear about the hot chick next door :+1:


Lmao if that is the only thing that keeps you all dropping by then I need to up
my game and get a pic soon !! Thanks man


W/c 13 August - micro 5 week 1
Squat and bench
Bar x 10
65 x 5
85 x 3
105 x 3
112.5 x 3 RPE 8 felt ok
112.5 x 3 RPE 8 good
112.5 x 3 RPE 9 hinged wrong on last rep and it was ugly
112.5 x 3 RPE 9 ok
112.5 x 3 RPE 9 ok little slow on last rep
Happy with squats tonight, not breaking any records but they are improving slowly.

Bar x 10
65 x 7
85 x 5
90 x 7 RPE 8 solid reps good speed
90 x 7 RPE 9 good
90 x 7 RPE 9 better speed
90 x 7 RPE 9.5 good
Bench was solid tonight, deff tighter but could still get more out of the leg drive. More work to do.

Row superset with
80 x 10 x 4 sets (10, 10, 10, 10)
77.5 x 9 x 4 sets (9, 9, 7, 8)

These were tough tonight, back was stiff from gardening at the weekend and chest and arms already tired from bench. Really good pump and really got me puffing and sweating.

All up pretty happy with how it went tonight. Only a few days to go and I will be another year older. Good to still be making progress and just happy to be lifting weights. It amazes me how something as simple as moving some heavy steel up and down is so meditative and at the same time so fun and energising.


So my back is starting to lock up on the RHS. Guessing tonight is not going to be a good sleep. Gardening is really not good for you and should come with a health warning. Told the wife I was hurting and she said I should just eat more!! Lol. Looks like she is finally embracing the road to 100 !!


They should add push mowing heavily sloped ditches to that list. That was my morning yesterday and I’m still feeling it in my back! I don’t think I’ll ever get my wife to embrace a bulk like that, though. She wants me to lose weight…


Hey I quite enjoy that lol


:joy: sounds like Mark Rippetoe’s recommendation. I was watching a video with him in it, and he said the solution to back pain was “gaining some weight”


Woke at 84.9 not sure what happened but it seems that the morning after training my weight drops back a little.


I know exactly how you feel. My wife is always saying I need to lose a bit of weight. Actually that’s not true 2 years ago when I was a runner and weighed 73kg she didn’t complain. Now I am adding weight she always makes comments. She tried to have an intervention the other day but telling me it was unhealthy and I should lose weight. I agreed that once I had added weight I would cut back next year. She just rolled her eyes as if to say why do I bother you never listen to me anyway !! When she told me to eat more last night it was very sarcastic and not at all on board !!


Just show her pictures of @MarkKO’s progress and assure her you’re not going that far.


Lmao if I shows her pictures of @MarkKO she wouldn’t sleep !! Maybe I can show her a pic of @flipcollar and tell her that’s what I’ll look like when I cut back!!


Thank you both very much…


LOL, I actually want to do what @MarkKO is doing right now. I am going to enter a strongman comp in December that has a Master’s LW class that goes up to 220#, and I’m sitting at 203# right now, so it would probably rock to do that, from a performance POV, but I think the domestic consequences would be… less desirable.


Show her a picture of old Marius when he was in Strongman, tell her that’s what your aiming for.