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Simo’s Training Log - Dangerous Dad V 2.0



Ahhh, yes. The double progression method but you’ve made it a one step process instead of two. Looks brutal.


Woke at 84.2kg - good start to the week. Was feeling very dehydrated after training last night so was glad to see the weight down. With a bit of careful eating and some conditioning should see an 83 this week.


Woke at 84.2kg again, weight seems to have settled. I was feeling a little beat up yesterday so missed my conditioning and ate a little more protein. Going to need to work harder for the rest of the week


Managed to get a little walk in after dinner tonight. 3km or 30 mins wearing the weight vest with 14kg (30lbs) in it. It was a cooler night, a little breeze off the ocean and a beautiful bright orange sun set over the horizon. Really nice way to get some fresh air, some peace and quiet and burn a few calories. Happy


Fuck you and your sea breeze haha sounds like Some good conditioning


Weight is heading in the right direction buddy. Looking forward to seeing the end result.


Thanks @kd13

Woke at 83.9kg (184.5lbs) this morning. Pretty happy to see an 83, progress is slow not consistent at the moment which I am sure is a good thing.


Although we’ve been doing alright the last few days


Just for you @painter27



Nice pic, I envy you guys downunder when it’s winter here.


Stop it, just stop it.
I’m heading to Melbourne for a few days on Saturday.
Might even to some beach cardio :+1:


Holy shit that’s beautiful


When our next heatwave of 42+*C for what seems like weeks kicks off you won’t envy us :+1:
Another thing about summer here, it seems like everyone has had bloody snakes around their house, heaps of stories lately, but my mate down the road had a brown snake in his pool filter box, and a kid in my class found a red bellied black snake curled up in their motorbike helmet! :thinking:


My daughter (9) had her first karate sparring class tonight. She did a great job, tried really hard and wasn’t intimidated at all by any of the kids she was paired with. Very proud of her.


Woke at 84.1kg, slight increase but did eat some slow cooked beef that was a little salty last night and some salted nuts. Training day today, so should be able to drop that a little and get back under 84.


Friday 15th Feb - Hypertrophy block week 4

Bar x 10
65 x 10
105 x 5
117.5 x 10 x 5 sets (258.5lbs)
RPE 7, 7, 8, 8 (grip and lungs running out of steam), 9

Big knot in my upper back tonight, it didn’t like deads much !!! Got a tension headache on the last rep. Not good, probably held my breath too long.

Bar x 10
65 x 5
85 x 5
97.5 x 8 (214.5lbs) RPE 8 the knot in my upper bake wasn’t liking these either
97.5 x 8 RPE 9
97.5 x 8 RPE 8 (longer rest because neighbour stuck his head in the gym to say hi)
97.5 x 8 RPE 9
97.5 x 8 RPE 9

Reps weren’t all below parallel and some were sloppy but they all got done and my legs are fried.

Bar x 10
65 x 5
75 x 10 x 6 sets (165 lbs)
SS with bent over row
75 x 8 x 6 sets
Bench were touch n go but they all moved good. Only got 6 reps on the last set, then had to rest pause and get 2 more. Rows were a cluster fk. Could barely grip the bar after 5 reps. Not good but got them done anyway.

dumbell hammer curls
12.5kg x max 40 reps - these hurt.

Cut the accessories short tonight, was shattered after a busy week of work, family and training. Pretty glad next week is a deload.


Took a couple of pics tonight to see how the transformation is going. I started at 87.8kg (193 lbs), 5 weeks ago. This morning I was 84.1kg 185lbs) . That’s a 3.7kg (8lbs) drop in 5 weeks, a little over 700g a week. My waist is definitely coming in but I have a long way to go still.

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Nice progress man. Looking swole


Looking good Simo.
If and when you drop lower, would it affect your lifting?
I’ve come to a barrier in my weight drop. And I’m afraid really going down calorie wise would affect my strength.


That’s a good question and one we will find the answer to together. I am training higher rep ranges right now so it is hard to see if I’ve lost any strength. Right now I feel good and bar weight and reps are still progressing. I’m hoping I can do a magic trick and lose more weight and get stronger in the next 6 weeks. We shall see.