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Simo’s Training Log - Dangerous Dad V 2.0



That a wee Mini Cooper in the garage ? Looks in great condition. It’s very rare to see one these days driving around where I live


Close - It’s actually a 1972 mini clubman. It’s like the Cooper but has a different front end look. They were manufactured in Australia from the early 60’s to the late 70’s and with the dry weather out here there are still quite a few survivors. That being said it’s still pretty rare to see them driving around.


Looks in great condition :+1: I envy any country with heat, it’s freezing here lol


Arrrrggghhhhh I am losing the will to live.


You can have ours


So nice to see old cars driving around. It takes so much money and work to keep an old car in shape in our climate (plus you can only drive it for ~6months out of the year). We use a ton of salt on our roads throughout the winter and it just eats away at vehicles. Vehicles typically rust out before anything else! A 10 year old car is starting to be considered “old”.


How much longer Simo, hang in there Mate.
Smile and wave boys, smile and wave



I have no idea and don’t want to ask the misses as she will assume I’m being rude.


hahahaha I feel sorry for you :slight_smile:
Really hope you’ll get your life back soon


It’s ok as most of the day I am at work. I am just struggling with all the talking in the evening. Training a few nights a week gets me away from it for a bit. It won’t be much longer and then we get a break and then we get my mum and dad for 4 weeks


Woke at 84.5kg again this morning. Looks like what ever I am doing with the hypertrophy phase and diet is working. Deff losing some size off my waiste my work pants are feeling loose.’


Wed Feb 6th - conditioning

Was suppose to walk tonight but we had a storm and I didn’t fancy getting wet or struck by lightening. Decided to get in the gym and do a WOD instead. Went for a shortened version of “Cindy”
It should be
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 air squats
EMOM for 30 mins.

I did it for 20 mins and that was enough. I managed to keep pace for the first 10 mins then started slowing and only got 7 cycles in the last 10 mins. So all up 17 cycles.

Was dripping wet at the end and sounded like Thomas the tank engine going up hill. Has a shower and am still sweating now.


Woke at 84.5kg again today, was hoping for a small drop after last nights WOD. Good to see an 84 for the third day in a row.
Body feels pretty good this morning, it seems doing a whole lot of body weight movements and flushing some blood through the muscles is a good this. Who’s of thought that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


I think you actually completed Cindy with 17 rounds. That’s better than I can do. I’ve never gone past 10 minutes and I only got 7 rounds.

Chelsea is the 30 min EMOM.


Lol you are indeed correct. I just looked at the workouts and I got my ex girlfriend names mixed up. Cindy for 17 rounds in 20 mins it was.


Hey, I got over 21 rounds on Cindy! In 2008… when I weighed 25# less than I do now… and all I did was crossfit… Still counts, right? :stuck_out_tongue:


I must be a wimp…or in significantly larger than you guys and every rep is more work and takes longer…either one really.


Considering I was 5’7" and 170# at the time, I’d say you’re doing quite a bit more work per rep. I want to try it now to see how I do at 195#. I’m sure it would be suitably embarrassing. Maybe at the end of the t-ransformation2019 challenge when I’m back under 180 and actually have some conditioning?


I think you are right…wimp :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@JMaier31 wimp… and I’m one too.
Fucking well done Simo.