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Simo’s Training Log - Dangerous Dad V 2.0



Woke at 86.1kg - weight dropping a little. Have managed to stay off the sugar and snacks pretty easily this week. Just need to up the protein a little next week.


Thursday 18th Jan - first week back just some weight for some reps

Bar x 10
65 x 5
105 x 5
135 x 3 x 5 sets
Moved ok, legs were still sore so a little slow.

Oh press
Bar x 10
45 x 8
50 x 8 x 5 sets
SS with
Pull ups
5 x 5 sets

Glute ham raise
10 x 3 sets
SS with
Ab roll outs
10 x 3 sets
SS with curls
15kg x 20 x 3 sets

Good session tonight, a bit humid so was pretty sweaty. Great shoulder, back and arm pump.

My son Jake (5) joined me for a bit of training tonight. Funny to watch him picking up some small weights and trying to copy dad. Quality



Haha, good stuff.
My son has joined me on and off over the years, now he’s older he has better shit to do so it’s just been the dog for past few years.


Woke at 85.9kg - a little drop in weight is normal for me the day after training. I will be interested to see if this stays off for tomorrow. Body feel pretty good, most doms has gone. Will be busy this weekend running round after the kids but will try and schedule some training in too.


Beautiful day in Melbourne today, clear blue skies but with a cool breeze about 26C. Had to mow the lawn and do some jobs this morning so chucked on the weight vest a got busy. One of the neighbors thought it was a bit funny.
Went for a nice walk in the afternoon with my son. He rode his scooter and we went for a tour of the parks near our house. Really nice to be waking and then enjoying the sun whilst he played at the park. Great way to burn a few calories.


Strongman son :slight_smile:
It’s just great to do stuff with the kids as long as they want to.


He loved it and asked me again today if I was going into the gym and could he go too. He settled on trying to do a ninja warrior course at the park which included lots of monkey bars to build his arm and back strength. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


haha great fun. Next time put up a bar he could lift the “stone” over, or a shelf.


It was only going to be a matter of time, have now got doms in my triceps and lats after yesterday’s session. It’s great to be back training but the doms in the first week is never nice.


Had a good day with the kids today. Another long walk to take in the local parks whilst the kids ride their bikes/scooters. A little bit of street cricket in the afternoon was just what I needed to loosen up my lats. Survived the first week of the mother in law staying…just !!!


Woke at 85.9kg feeling slim. Lmao
Body feels good today, looking forward to doing more conditioning work this week and seeing what it does to the scales.


So the new plan is in from the coach so I’d thought I’d give some details as to what the next 20 weeks of training looks like.

The plan is to cut and lose a bit of fat / weight, so we have stuck to big compounds basically exclusively. Volume starts easy, and gets bigger every week for 4 weeks. then we deload, and then we go again with any required adjustements based on feedback. Sets of 7 and 10’s for the first block, so I may see what will feel like a downturn in strength, but then again I might not. This block is designed to increase my capacity to work with higher volumes etc, so by the time I get back to the strength stuff, I will be able to handle a higher workload. Then the coach can hammer me a bit more and theoretically build more strength and efficiency.

So basically the plan will be:

4 weeks Hypertrophy.
1 week deload
4 Weeks Hypertrophy (deathly).
1 week deload
2 weeks Transition.
4 weeks strength
1 week deload
3 weeks strength.
1 weeks deload
2 weeks peak.
1 week taper then test.

Not sure how far or how long I will cut weight for, but coach has suggested staging it. He doesn’t want me to diet for longer than 10-11 weeks.


I woke at 89kg today… Feeling fat


I guess you only get to cut til April 1st then. Looks like you’re submitting your “after” photo early!


Lol yes maybe I will. I guess it depends how good I look and whether I agree with him to push it further.


He must just have you switch to maintenence for 2-4 weeks before cutting for the final month.

Guess you better double your efforts!

(that really means embracing hunger and staying busy)


I think he plans to make me more than double my efforts. Big focus on improving work capacity over this block which is going to be painful I am sure.


I woke at 104.7kg…feeling very fat! In fact I think I need new scales!


I woke at 86,7 kg… feeling a bit disappointed and 85,6 kg yesterday, feeling awesome.
Looks like a good plan Simo, How about just staying at maintenance during hypertrophy phase… I mean hypertrophy and cutting isn’t going well together.