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Simo’s Training Log - Dangerous Dad V 2.0



Yer but I’m sexy with it :wink:


I second this! It’s - 3 and feels like - 8 here right now (I converted that for you guys). The predicted high temp is 5.

When it’s hot you can sweat, drink water, and find shade. You’re wet from sweat but other than that you can function normally.

When it’s freezing there is no amount of layers that will keep you warm. My fingers, toes, and face are always cold. My dexterity is crap and I can’t do things with my hands.

The cold air also dries out my skin. My hands seem to be slippery and occasionally my skin will crack. I don’t have those problems in the heat.

It can get over 100 regularly during our summers. It’s also humid. Our weather here is quite miserable and covers both extremes of the spectrum.


It depends on what you’re doing, but you can always put more clothes on, and there’s a limit to what you can take off without getting arrested. Heavy work outdoors sucks in the heat, especially when you tack on some humidity. I enjoy the cold weather, but I’m also very exothermic. If I’m doing something demanding outside, like snowboarding or shoveling snow, I end up down to shirt sleeves by the end of the day, or maybe a thermal shirt if it’s windy. I honestly don’t mind the heat too much, either, I just sweat a lot and have to take in ridiculous amounts of fluids. Well, I grew up in Panama, but I also spent 4 years living in upstate New York, so I’ve given my body an opportunity to acclimate to both extremes.


Got up early for my first walk of the year. 27 mins with a 10kg (22Lb) weight vest on. Was a nice warm morning with the sun just starting to come up. Felt good to be up early again and reminded me of all those days I used to run before the sun came up.


For the past 5 days I’ve been walking around on duty with duty belt, vest heavy shoes and what not, walking about 15000 steps around 11 - 12 km and climbing like a million stairs. Losing weight fast this way but damn I’m not used to that shit. And it’s freezing cold here. just below zero C and a damn wind that just gets to you everywhere.


Sounds like our weather.


Freezing cold sounds nice!
My old dears town, 3 hours from here had a record temp of 49C today, and 46 yesterday!


Im an hour north of sydney, and it peaked at 41 today, hasnt gone under 26 since 11pm last night, and according to the bom, it wont drop under 31 until friday evening with an average humidity reading at 96%
I also work in tiled rooms 95% of the day
Fuck my life


Sounds like where I live all summer…enjoy


Lol, oh my fair weathered friends.

It has been -20 for the last few days with a windchill below -30C. Fortunately it is a nice warm -1 today!


Kansas is weird, though. I swear to god, 32F/0C here, with the sort of wind we have, sometimes feels worse than -15F/-26C with still air did when I lived in upstate New York. There’s a saying that the only thing slowing the wind down in Kansas is some cows and some barbed wire fences, and that’s not too far off the mark.


Today is a good example of our weather. The day started off with dense fog plus below - freezing Temps that resulted in black ice on the roadways.

It’s almost 4pm now and it’s sunny and clear and I’m wearing a t-shirt to run errands.


Looks like we need a weather thread!! More reply’s about weather than training :joy:

Woke at 86.5kg - weight down a little which is a good sign. Diet has been very clean this week.


I thought you were trying to gain weight or have I missed something?


You may have missed something my friend. The plan was to gain weight up till the end of the year and then to strip away a little fat between Jan and April. The second half of 2019 I will add weight and strength again.


@T3hPwnisher got me all exited with his heavy bag work the other day so tonight is was time to get back on the bag.
Did 8 x 2 minute rounds with a 30 sec rest. Was absolutely cooked by the end.
Legs doms today is severe, walking and sitting on the toilet have not been fun. Moving around the bag freed them up a little bit now they are locking up worse than before.


Very bad night of sleep last night. 3 kids are all sick with a nasty cough. They start coughing and the they can’t breath and start to choke. Was up pretty much all night sitting them up, helping clear their throat and calming them down. Was going to get up early to walk today but needed the extra hour in bed. I will do something tonight to make up for it.
Legs doms is still not good,


That’s rough. I hope that crap clears up quickly.


Shit that’s no good, and in summer which is weird. Hope it all sorts itself out soon.


Thanks @JMaier31 and @I_Luc it seems to be a viral cold cough thing and there probably a little bit of seasonal asthma given the heat and humidity. I think it’s jist a case of weathering the storm and making them as comfortable as possible. Then you just have to deal with the sleep deprivation and catch up when you can.