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Simo’s Training Log - Dangerous Dad V 2.0



Have a crack at a PLP sort of program for shits and giggles. I’ve added them before to my normal weeks, always did them before any normal session but with 60kg squats instead of lunges. Started off easy as piss at 10 reps, but once it gets to 25 squats, plus leg day and that amount of pushups and chins it gets freaking hard quickly


This is supposed to be daily, wondering. If I could add something like this but only do it 1-2 times a week.


Yep daily, no point being a pussy about it, only takes 10 mins all up, and starting day 1 at 10 reps, it gets somewhat lengthy after you get to 30 odd reps. Its a fun challenge, I have done various types of it over the years and start to break the shit up over the day, mainly the chins.
I’d crank out all the pushups before work, along with some chins, then more chins and the squats after work


Just calculated our lifts in the Hogs meet…
Same total, but you skinny bastard beats me on weight (And nicer squat)


He’s short, though!


Thanks mate no need to rub it in. Height is no excuse, you don’t hear me complaining when I play basketball :slight_smile:


When it comes to basketball I think you’re either tall or you’re not. I’m not sure where the cut off is but I’d guess it’s around my height - 6’ 4".

You’re either a guard or a big man…or a big man who plays guard :joy:.

I played center during my brief college career and regularly guarded guys who were 6’ 10" and 240+ lbs. Suddenly 6’5" (rounding up) and 225 wasn’t big. It took everything I had to keep from sliding across the floor in the post.


You must be one bad ass mfer. Seriously! 6’4” center is small for any level of college ball. You, in the day, we’re a beast. Still are dude…


Woke at 87.5kg - A week away with the kids, relaxing, swimming in the lake, riding jet skis and learning to wake board combined with too much drinking and eating heaps of shite food.
Did walk around 5km a day so it wasn’t all bad.
Pretty happy to not have added a gap of weight and now ready to get back into training. The next block will be more hypertrophy based to try to maintain as much muscle as I can what I try to get rid of some of this fat. I’ll Post up some more details of what it looks like soon.


Mon 14th Jan - 1st week after deload,
Just moving some weight for some reps.
Decided to add back in my old warmup of Agile 5 (same as de Franco’s agile 8 but without the foam rolling) and some box jumps and ball slams.

Warm up agile 5, box jumps x 10, ball slams x 10

Bar x 10
65 x 5
85 x 7 x 5 sets
SS with weighted incline sit ups 10 x 5 sets

These were horrible, legs cramping by set 4. Kept the rests to about 60 secs and boy did I feel it.

Bar x 10
65 x 5
85 x 5 x 5 sets
SS with
Bent over rows
70 x 5 x 5 sets

Bench moved ok and rows were nice and fast.

Barbel curls 20kg x 30 reps - because you gotta pump those guns!

It was hot in Melbourne today and the shed was scorching. Felt good to do the warm up and do something explosive to start. Was sweating like an out of shape over 40 male in a sauna !! Good session tonight but I can already feel the doms in my legs and it’s not even delayed yet. It’s going to be an interesting week !!


I’m tired of this shit. Summers done go away 35 degree days no one likes you


Only 35 there today, We had bloody 40 here, it’s nearly 8pm and still freaking 37 or so. Wanting to walk the dog but went out the front before and the road is scorching, so too hot still for his feet.
Next few days are 42 or so, no break until Thursday!


Has climate change made it so that summer is like moved forward a few months?


Haha, who knows, we had some stinkers right into April last year, just before Easter.
Your in Sydney aren’t ya Pig?
I think high 30’s in Sydney would be worse than 40 odd here and dry. We were in Sydney a couple of years ago in January, and the slight humidity with the heat was fucked! Not as bad as up north, but still fucked!


Nah Melbourne but all over central+northern Victoria often. If it was somewhere humid I’d just roll over and die


I love this heat, I moved half way around the world to be this hot. I’ll take 35 over -5 any day.


I don’t mind the heat but a run over 40 gets old pretty quick, however we were up at Airlie Beach this time last year and that was nuts, 38 and humid as fuck! The Mrs was ready to slit her wrists.


Try beach running in Dubai at 40-50 degrees !! Takes you all day and lots of Coronas to cool down


I can’t even do that shit, it was like that in Port Douglas.
I struggled to even get out for dinner


Ur insane