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Simo’s Training Log - Dangerous Dad V 2.0



Damn solid effort in fighting for that bench rep. And the depth on that squat looked good to me


Great stuff, Simo! Hell of a fight on the bench and very good results on the squat and deadlift!


Heading off for a week of relaxation with the wife and kids in a couple of days. When I get back it’s time to get into transformation mode and get this body moving. Going to add in some weighted walking a few mornings a week and will also add a boxing heavy bag session and eventually another met con / WOD / barbel complex session.
Looking for some ideas on good short sharp sessions so feel free to chime in
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As per post above couldn’t tag more than 10, feel free to chime in
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100 kb double clean and presses in 10 minutes or less.


Every day during my “athletic” phase last year, id do a 30 min fasted walk, followed by whatever wod they put up on CrossFitWOD on instagram

If you like the same consistent thing, my go too workout is
1×pull up
2xpush up
3x mountain climber
4xpower cleans
5xbear complexes (power clean/push press/squat varition)
5xpull ups
4xpush ups
3xmountain climbers
2xpower clean
1xbear complex

As many rounds as you can until time limit, rest invertals are 60 secs


What does this look like. Struggling to picture it ?



That vid added a second squat and BNP, that looks brutal. I love it


I really enjoy this wod

5 snatch/10 burpee over bar
4 snatch/8 burpee
For time. 60kg or whatever you need.

It’s quick and brutal


Do you have a sandbag? You can do serious damage with that.


Body weight circut stuff always kills me,
Just set your time limit and keep cycling through.


For short and sharp

Tabata burpees

100 burpee challenge (aim for sub 10 min)

Quarter Murph (1/4 mile run (400m), 25 chins, 50 push ups, 75 squats, 1/4 mile run)


I love the barbell stuff like the Bear Complex but I can’t do them anymore with my hip. Front squats are out. However, one of my favorites was EMOM of 2 hang cleans, 2 front squats, 2 push presses. Here’s a shot of me doing them in April of 17 before all of my hip problems really surfaced.

Once you’re close to being a bad ass, look up Macho Man and Hulk Hogan :wink:


sounds like a plan… On occasion I like kettle swings for condition work.


look up cross fit wods:
Jack: push press x 10, KB swing x 10, box jump x 10
Cindy: pull up x 5, push up x10, squat x 15
some emom stuff: even minutes: pull ups x max, uneven: 10 burpees
Chin up x 5, DB press x 5, burpee x 5

do any of the above as a finisher for 10 minutes and you’re toast


All great ideas guys thanks for sharing and keep them coming. I’ll copy them all down and start ticking them off. Getting motivated just thinking about them, I must be sick !!


Sorry I should of mentioned that. I usually explain it like that to people who arnt versed in it so they dont wimper out.
Get them to come with me to a CF box and they see how its done, by then its usually too late to back out :grin::joy:


100 doubles @ 100 kg deadlift as fast as possible.
Really didn’t enjoy that one.


100 squats with 60kg for time - that was brutal!