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Simo’s Training Log - Dangerous Dad V 2.0



Glad I could make you smile Jez


Woke at 86.7kg, very hot here today so training tonight is going to be horrible. Will need to really drink a lot today to stop a drop back in weight tonight.


We really do live on opposite sides of the world. It’s currently 1 deg C and the high tomorrow is 3 deg C (figured I’d convert for ya).


Yes that’s deff opposite. It is 40 degrees C (104 F ) here today. Deadlifts are going to be great !!


Friday 7th Dec - Deadlift and OH
Bar x 10
65 x 3
105 x 3
125 x 3
132.5 x 6 RPE 8,
132.5 x 6 RPE 9,
132.5 x 6 RPE 9 (last one was slooow),
132.5 x 6 RPE 9 bit better,
132.5 x 6 RPE 10 that was hard
Quads burning and lungs gasping. Quality

Squat Tempo paused - was supposed to do these but quads were screaming after deadlifts to dropped them tonight.

Bar x 10
45 x 9 x 4 sets
These should have been heavier but it was so hit I was cactus. Legs were so cooked I couldnt squeeze them at all. Still got a nice pump.

Pull ups
5 x 4 sets

Dumbell curls - some to get a pump

Hard session tonight is was nearly 40 C in the shed. Massive leg and upper back pump from deadlifts.

Got in from the gym to find out the wife had cooked chicken wings with baked potatoes. Even had a little spinach just for @guineapig.


Only if you eat on the toilet


My man


Woke at 85.4kg was expecting a drop back but was hoping the wings would help. Didn’t eat enough yesterday and with the heat last night I’ve lost a little water. Will rehydrate today and see if it jumps back up.


Have you got any ventilation in the shed?
At our old place I whacked an old air conditioner in the shed, as it was freaking hot on a 40*+ day, it worked wonders for keeping it bareable in summer.


There is a big ass fan in there but I don’t really like it blowing on me when I’m lifting. I just make the rest a little longer and drink a bit more water. A bit of heat and a lot of sweat isn’t going to kill me.


Great day with the kids today. Wifey is away for the weekend. Had my daughters basketball this morning then took the three kids to the beach. Grabbed some fish and chips for dinner followed by ice cream and then home for a Christmas movie. Back felt ok when I woke up but it’s gotten gradually tighter through the day. Going to be sore tomorrow !!


Woke at 86.5kg (190 lb) - feeling a little dehydrated, I think it was all the salt on my fish and chips yesterday. Cricket with the kids this morning and then a few jobs to do before I can relax.


Sounds like a busy weekend


Just having the kids on my own without the bread knife for the weekend makes it busy. But it’s all good.


Sounds like a great weekend though

We bought another dog on Friday night, coupled with a 65hr work week and minimal sleep, it sure is good to sit back on a Sunday and hopefully watch India collapse in SA :joy:


Yes for real, hope they fall apart, lol.


What sort of dog did you get mate?


An interesting post!. I love your zeal and commitment, keep hitting the gym and I am sure you will grow stronger and develop those masculine muscles we all admire on the street.


Woke at 87.5kg (192.5 lbs) - that’s a big jump in one day that came from a real effort on eating and drinking. Expecting that to drop back a little tomorrow. Weather has cooled down so training should be a lot more bareable tonight.


Just a little cavoodle to with with the cavalier
Awesome little dogs, now just to get them to like each other haha