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Simo’s Training Log - Dangerous Dad V 2.0



Monday 3rd Dec micro 3 week 1
Squat and bench

Bar x 10
65 x 5
85 x 5 (belt on)
92.5 x 9 (203.5 lbs) RPE 8 - bracing was much better with the belt on. Bar moved ok but lungs were pumping by the end
92.5 x 9 RPE 8 I need new lungs
92.5 x 9 RPE 9 seeing stars
92.5 x 9 RPE 9 left forearm cramp on last rep. Getting pressure headache after this set!!
92.5 x 9 RPE 10 - last 2 reps were high but I had to get 9.
First time using belt since I got back in the gym over 2 years ago. Want to start adding the belt for heavy sets so figure I should do some practice. Kept the rest a little longer today just to let my heart rate settle, boy do I need to do some conditioning!!! So happy to hit all the reps tonight. Legs are going to kill tomorrow.

Bar x 10
65 x 5
85 x 6 (187 lbs) RPE 9 little slow
85 x 6 RPE 9
85 x 6 RPE 9.5
85 x 6 RPE 10
85 x 6 RPE 10 5 reps only

Didn’t really pause these but got a good deep touch in the chest. Legs couldn’t help with drive as they were paralysed!!

Bent row

65 x 10 x 5 sets
Should have been 85kg but I dropped the weight and went for quality instead. Kept rest to under 1 minute.

Push up +15kg vest
4 sets
20, 10, 6, 9
Kept rest under 1 min. These were so hard tonight, just sitting with the vest on when resting was hard. Lol

Very very very happy today. Almost back to where I was before I got sick. Massive pump all over tonight. Quality


Sitting on the couch and my legs are cramping up. Trying to drink a load of water and add some protein before going to bed.
Realised today that I had been drinking too much coffee at work and not enough water. Have decided to cap my coffee intake at 2 Black coffees in the morning and then switch to water for the rest of the day. Hoping this will help with the dehydration and the weight ups and downs.


Nice lifts. You’ll blast through your pre-sickness levels pretty fast. Plus all the holiday food coming up will give you a good chance to fuel fitness with fatassery


Coffees got plenty of water in it mate :+1:


Woke at 86.1kg, pretty happy with this considering I trained last night and usually drop back a bit the day after training. Lots of food and water today and should see in jump up tomorrow. Legs are a bit sore today but not as bad as I expected.


Reminds me of the Milo adds… Coffee it’s like water only… Better
I’m pretty sure beers got plenty of water in it too though… :thinking:


This is going to sound odd but I drink coffee when I lift.


Not really that odd, each to their own. I have a pre workout that is stacked with caffeine and then just drink water or gatorade when training.


Woke at 86.7kg and still felt a little dehydrated. Will try more food and lots more water today. @mortdk got a little bit to go to catch you up but I’ve started my early sprint for the finish ‘


Wow did I speak too early. The toilet is not my friend today.


Are you still stuck on the toilet I’ll call 000 for ya


Mate your message just woke me up. Tried to get off by pulling on the bog roll dispenser and fking pulled it off the wall. The only other option now is to drop to my knees and crawl to the stall door, but this floor is health hazard. I might be here all night. I wonder if I can get a pizza delivered to the thunder box at work!!


Dominos Garlic Bread Crust


Now you have me drooling whilst on the toilet, that can’t be sanitary


Well if you’re going to go that far then you might as well ask the delivery guy to help you up. That better result in a good tip.


Really hoping you’ll get out of there Simo.
Have the pizza arrived


Woke at 86.5kg very very dehydrated. Seems the more I eat and drink the more thirsty I am when I wake up. Was hoping for the weight to be a little higher but it’s probably just settling for a day and will move again tomorrow.


Still on the toilet?


Na. The cleaner heard me snoring in there around 9pm and unlocked the door with a coin. She was a bit surprised to see me alseep with my pants round my ankles. She helped me off the toilet and I got on the motorbike at rode home.


Genuinely laughed my ass off at this