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Simo’s Training Log - Dangerous Dad V 2.0



Either you labeled the session wrong or you forgot to do oh presses :smiley:


Lol the Friday session is always deads and Oh, but in this block one week is OH the other is extra bench work.


You guys and your metric system - it’s like reading code in here! I feel like Russell Crowe in a Beautiful Mind, but that could also just be because I like talking to imaginary people.

Good work, sir!


Cmon man I have you the weights in ancient runes as well just to make it easy. :wink:


You do! I appreciate the conversion - there were 3 digits in there I could decipher. It’s like getting a secret decoder ring in your breakfast cereal


I’ve actually given this a bit of a thought.
Why do all the world have to convert to your weird numbers, when it should be the small part of the world that should convert to kg’s.
But I like to convert to lbs it makes me think I lift a lot of weight :slight_smile:


*Freedom Units


Woke at 85.1kg, I kind of expected it after another bad day of eating and training last night. Still have the remains of a cold so appetite is a real problem at the moment. Need to get my head right and get some routine back into my eating. Body feels pretty good, legs doms has pretty much gone and no real back tightness. Restful day today and then off to a waterpark with the kids tomorrow. That should be all my conditioning for the month in one day.


Water park? What the hell? We had snow and blizzard warnings a week ago.

Don’t fret about the weight. You want to build muscle but I assure you that your recent events have only burned fat. You’re too active to be losing muscle and a week or two won’t eat away at your muscle. If you’ve lost weight then it was water or junk in your system - not muscle.


Thank you sir, I truly lol’ed.


This is so much fun, I love it. Have fun Simo


It was 30 degrees C here yesterday but Melbourne is well known for having 4 seasons in one day. Today is a balmy 18 degrees C!!! Not ideal for a water park but al least we have the place to ourselves!


Woke at 84.6kg and feeling hungover despite not drinking at all. Day at the waterpark today so will probably not eat enough and drop more weight. I am starting to look forward to Jan when I can add some conditioning back in and focus on become dangerous again.


Hey Simo, You’re leaving me hanging here as the fat ass, get back in the game man.


Don’t panic mate, 4 weeks of eating pizza to come :wink:


Canberra does it day by day. Yesterday was fucking baking, around 30 degrees. Woke this morning to howling winds and lashing rain.


So I took my 2 daughters to the water park today because it was the end of year karate club celebration and presentation. All the kids get medals and some kids get trophy’s. They had special achievement awards, for boys and girls in each age category. My eldest is 9 so she is in juniors which is kids from 7 to basically adult. They gave 2 awards called the Budo award. It is given to the student who best shows the spirit of karate. Basically focused, hard working, respectful, always trying to improve and help others. My little Holly won the award and I couldn’t have been prouder. Her little face when she went up to receive her trophy with all the kids and parents applauding her was priceless. I spoke to sensei after to thank him and he said that she has been so focused this year he had to give her the award. What can I say she really is daddy’s little girls. Quality


Obviously live on the wrong side of Canberra, was nice and dry down my way… But I might not have gotten out of bed till 10am lol


Awesome! :clap:


Woke at 86.2kg - @mortdk told you not to worry