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Simo’s Training Log - Dangerous Dad V 2.0



That would involve me driving to the pharmacy! I’ll just settle for a good nights sleep and let this old body so it’s thing.


Stubbornness is not always a good quality! Did you ever think that you could be spreading your illness around the office by going to work sick? Sometimes it’s better to slack off and stay home in the grand scheme of things.

I don’t power through illness much now that I’m a cop. I’ve had a good career with very little excitement (that means I’ve been safe), but if I’m under the weather I call in and take the day off. I have to actually be sick to the point where it affects my whole body. A sore throw and congestion usually doesn’t qualify.

The reason I take the day off is the nature of my job. Someone might try to kill me or one of my co-workers any moment and I owe it to myself and everyone else to stay home if I’m not in good enough shape to handle that. I figure the day I go to work at 60% is the day that someone is going to try to whoop my ass or worse. Sadly, I’d still take me at 70% in that moment than some of my co-workers at 100%.


Given my infection was in my throat and bacterial it’s very unluckily I am going to pass that to anyone. The rest of my symptoms are not much more than a bad common cold. I am failrly well isolated at work given I’m in the office and the majority of the team work outnin the warehouse. Lots of antibacterial hand cleaner and keep away and I shouldn’t be spreading anything.
Even though I do take your point and understand it, the other side of my brain still says hey to work and tough it out.


So I have decided it’s time to listen to everyone and try and rest and get better. Left work early today and have another appointment at the doctors tomorrow. Hopefully he can give me something to get rid of what ever I have. Will take the day off work tomorrow and hopefully the rest will help. I have missed a week of training and the way I am today there is a good chance I’ll miss this week too. Grrrrrrr damn this old body to hell :wink:


Being sick and sitting around doing nothing is really hard. Not being able to train is doing my head in. I am starting to realise that I am such a habitual person that when my routine is disturbed I feel a little lost. Going to the Doctors soon so hopefully can get something to help with the germs and get me back on track.


So doctor has given me a couple of different magic pills :pill: to help me out. Signed me off work today and tomorrow and told me to rest. When your doctor calls one of the drugs ‘horse pills’ you expect big things !!


Maybe you can be so lucky!! Get well soon!


Vetinary grade anabolics it is


Not sure why he picked horse pills maybe it was my long face !


Clearly because your physique announced you’re an animal.


More like an old cart horse these days, than a race horse !!


A horse is a horse, of course, of course.


Seems like the illness has crawled it’s way across the border



Thought I’d give you something to go with those growing pains kunce;-)


So I went back to work today after two days off. Still not anywhere near 100% but couldn’t spend any more time at home. Drugs from the doctor seem to be working but I’ll be glad in a few more days when it’s fully gone. Have decided I’ll leave the gym till next week to give me the best chance of recovery and getting back to the program quickly.


Had friends over this afternoon for yum cha, had crispy duck pancakes, pork stream buns, chicken rice paper rolls, noodle salad, spring rolls, dim sims etc etc etc . And a few beers to wash it down. Hopefully all the eating will help finally get rid of the cold and add some weight.


Last day of the weekend, had cricket with the kids this morning and then friends over for bbq this afternoon. Couple of beers and lots of meat and salad. Feeling almost 90% today so after a good nights sleep should be good to train again tomorrow night. Two weeks of no training but thinking I’ll just jump straight back in and just deal with the doms. Will weigh myself tomorrow, that should be horrible !!


Good luck with that lol


That’s good news Simo…
great to have you back lifting and gaining weight.


Woke at 85.5kg, not as horrible as I thought but still a drop back. Time to get busy