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Simo’s Training Log - Dangerous Dad V 2.0



I haven’t done this much “around the house” work in over a month. Good for you, Simo! I just can’t seem to find any ambition to do crap around the house. I hate it! I have a list but most of it cost money so I keep putting it off.


“Fatigue makes cowards of us all.” As you recover from the infection and recuperate, I reckon your mood will improve with your physical condition. Hang in there, “this, too, shall pass.”


I feel the same,there’s always something to do hey. In between work,life and lifting sometimes that leaves no spare time


Until the missus yells at you that is :wink:


It seems that I too have managed to pick up this TNation virus…

Haven’t had to worry about this for awhile, now this chore has changed to “shovel snow”.


My son has it now. Type A flu for me. About 2 days of bad headaches and uggh before it moves into your chest.


Lol I don’t like sitting still, so I just keep moving from one thing to the next. Today has been 5 hours at the cricket club, followed by helping a neighbour take some junk to the tip, followed by cleaning the kids mouse cage and now off to the shops so the kids can but mum a birthday present.


Glances in the log because curious.

*Gets the flu


You’re doomed hamster, you’ll get sick in here.


Legend has it every second spent in this log gets you sicker :joy:


I’m actually rarely sick but you guys are starting to scare me


No joke, i hardly get sick too but i looked at this log where everyone was getting sick and got sick the next day


@duketheslaya @guineapig @mortdk Hey you guys gotta stop talking like that. Next thing I know you all think I’m cursed and I have no imaginary internet friends to talk to !!


You shouldn’t bei at work, when you are this sick!


Lol most of my team told me that too but I’m just one of those people who always go to work!! It’s been 10 days and not getting much better so maybe you are right.


Health first, Simo. Always! You are doing no one a favor and also no one is really going to appreciate it.

Get well sonn! :slight_smile:


Bad juju here


That will go with my bad sense of humour and bad dress sense!!


Im the same, and I’ve dodged the shit all year too,yet just before I went on holiday to the Gold Coast a few weeks back I got crook.


Simo, some Cordral Nightline tonight and a day off work tomorrow will do wonders mate.
I got the proper flu a few years back, i tried to keep going to work etc, however it knocked me on my ass badly, and I was as weak as a kitten under the bar for a while