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Simo’s Training Log - Dangerous Dad V 2.0



Lol! I had to give them my birthday for some off brand Nyquil Cold & Cough today too. That was a first.

They asked “Who’s taking this?”

My brain’s answer: “My wife, me, and my five year old daughter.”

I knew better so my real answer was that it’s just for me. The serving size for adults is 30ml but 10ml does wonders for my daughter. She was really struggling a few nights ago and I figured a little bit wouldn’t hurt her. I was right and she got some sleep. Win-win!


@I_Luc and @JMaier31 even that is only a bit pseudoephedrine so doesn’t really do more than some Panadol and a little speed.


Still feeling cack today. Throat still very sore and still very congested. Weight was down at 86.1kg and my eating really wasn’t great today. Appetite is definitely down. Have tried to drink lots of water today but still need to drink more tonight.


Drown those germs and pee em out!


You’re way behind me now Simo, time to start eating otherwise I’m the only fat dad around here.


120mg of pseudoephedrine hcl. Is that the same dose as over there? I’ve never heard of Panadol so I don’t know what that does for you.

I think different meds work for different people. My wife takes something from Walgreens called Walfed but it doesn’t help me like the stuff I get from Dillons (another grocery store chain here).


Pretty sure panadol is acetaminophen.


@simo74 I’ve somehow caught The T-Nation cold from your log. Woke up with it today :joy::joy:


Just spreading the love man, spreading the love


Today I shall be mostly coughing, blowing my nose and groaning loudly to invite sympathy!!


If it works, post a video so we can all learn the proper sympathy-gathering form from you.


Get well soon Simo, we must get back on the gain train.


It’s all good mate, a weeks rest and then I’ll be back and hitting harder than ever.


A week off is sometimes the best medicine, you will be eager as fuck to lift by the end of it!


To be honest I have felt worse and worse as the week went on. The antibiotics worked for the throat infection but the congestion, cough and pressure in the chest has got worse through the week. I am totally fkn over it but it’s not going away. With no training this week my back is bloody sore and mentally I am all over the place. I know I’ll get this back but feeling like this, not training and. It really eating properly has left me feeling a bit lost and a lot down in the dumps. I have been a very bad Version of myself this week at work; grumpy, sometimes rude and slow thinking.
Sorry for sounding so negative but can’t reallt be bothered to cheer up.


Been there and done that Simo, being sick is just plain fucked! You will bounce back mate, sometimes straight away, sometimes you’ll have a hangover for a few lifting sessions. Keep the chin up,take your spoonful of concrete and you’ll be fine mate.


Lol yer been saying that to myself all week. I’ll be right mate


I like this saying but I’ve always got an vision in my mind of some buff dude saying it and sounding like the terminator


That’s @I_Luc to a T mate


Not feeling much better today. Had karate with my daughter this morning, then had to go and pick up a desk that the wife had bought, then cut the grass, then wash and polish the motorbike. That got me to lunch time then on the afternoon I got to relax a little whilst playing with or acting as referee for the kids. Quiet night tonight and then up early tomorrow to be at the cricket club by 7am. And I thought weekends were for relaxing !!!