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Simo’s Training Log - Dangerous Dad V 2.0



Woke at 86.7kg, I know have full on man flu. Sore throat, chesty cough, aches and pains and a runny nose. Have been sleep deprived all week so feeling flat as a witches tits today.


Bleah, that sucks. Are you going to train through it or rest til you feel like you’re on the upswing?


I’ll see how I am tomorrow. I’ll probably train through, unless I get very chesty. I might delay Monday’s session to Tuesday to give me time to recover a little.


I know you have the urge to kick on, but sometimes when your crook it’s best to have a few days off mate


I worked for an RSM once who said the only good excuse to miss work is death and even then he expects a phone call before the shift. A little cold shouldn’t slow me down too much :wink:


What he said!

What he also said :joy:


Feeling sorry for you Mate, hope you won’t die.


So I was feeling worse today, so went to the Doctor and got some drugs. 5 days of antibiotics to clear up the throat infection and some stronger pain killers to help with the soreness. Can’t give me anything for the blocked and runny nose so will have to wait that out. Decided to give training a miss today but will still get in my required sessions this week so not too bothered.


Damn Simo we’re following along on the weight and now on the illness as well.
Just caught that sore throat of yours.


Lmao :joy: that gives a whole new meaning to the term “internet viruses”


Have some rest and get well soon! :slight_smile:


Huh, that crap seems to be international, as I’m fighting off a cold/flu thing too. Get better soon!


Might have to avoid this log for a few days. Yall let me know when you get better :joy::joy:


It’s too late, you’ve been here.


Lucky! I’m approaching two weeks of dealing with this cough but no meds to help. I’m living off over the counter stuff.

Why can’t you take anything for the stuffed up nose? I take extra strength sudafed (1 pill every 12 hrs) and it works wonders. Do you have that over there? Surely you do…


Darn you! Lol. Better up the garlic to kill the sickness before it comes


Yer we have Sudafed and sinutab but I don’t rekon they do that much. Better of just steaming your face with a bowl of boiling water and some eucalyptus oil and a towel.


I’m pretty sure you can still get the real Sudafed, you have to ask for it,and they take details from your driver’s licence. Works better than the PE shit


That’s what I get. There’s only so much you can buy in a month here. The stupid part is that I can buy more than one box, but two is too much. Luckily I had some on hand for this virus. I just bought another box today but if I’d waited until I was sick then I’d be out and I’d be asking a friend to buy some for me. Stupid meth addicts ruin everything!


Yep, and the way they treat you in the chemist when you ask for it is fucked!
The junkies have ruined bloody everything here. I remember asking for a syringe years ago, to measure out medicine for my son, I asked for one without the needle athnd they gave me the 20 question deal.
There was a story on the news last night where a local family is raising money for their disabled daughter to have an operation so she can walk again, they had a donation tin in a local cafe with her pic and story on it and some piece of shit stole it! My bet, a desperate junkie