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Simo’s Training Log - Dangerous Dad V 2.0



Rolled my ankle at work today. I was walking along not really paying attention and stepped half path half off it where the garden bed is. As my weight transferred my ankle gave way and I went arse over tit. It’s an ankle that I broke many years ago and that now has no stability. I roll it pretty much every year. Bloody hurt and I hit the ground pretty hard too. Bounced up like I was ok but inside I was crying lol !!! Iced it at work and there is no major swelling so hopefully will be ok.


RICE it mate
Rest, ice, compression and elevate
Speed recovery simo


Damn man, hopefully it heals up soon

What now?


It means to fall over, usually involving you rear end being higher than your chest !!


Yer i got ice on it at work abs have, iced and elevated it tonight. This happens to me a LOT so pretty used to it and it’s rarely more than a day recovery. My ego however after they share the cctv footage around at work May take longer to recover !!


Can’t imagine why they didn’t teach that in high school English classes


I think “head over heels” is a bit more common.

Nowadays people around here use the phrase “ate shit”.

“I stepped off the sidewalk, rolled my ankle and ate shit.”

Everyone would understand that you fell.


Simo went “ass over teakettle”! Hopefully it’s a quick recovery.

Since you were at work, I’m assuming you weren’t “three sheets to the wind”?


Where I come from that would conjure up an image of something more insanitary!!


No. Sober as a judge mate


Woke at 87.3kg this morning, pleased to see 87 three days is a row. Now to hit 88.


You can do it Simo!
Especially while being on light duties for a few days. Good luck with the glass ankle big fella.


Hope you’ll recover quickly mate.
Can we see the CCTV footage ?
Please … we need a laugh around here.


I will see if I can save it !!


Just for you @mortdk



I would say I hope you get better with the ankle but your not here for the spiders. So…the grind goes on!


Hurts like fk today but it’s still deadlifts tomorrow. Won’t be going on any trampolines for a while though :wink:


:joy: That was brutal! I think mine was worse a few weeks ago (not to be Tommy Topper).

I was heading down the stairs in the dark carrying my duty belt and not wearing any shoes
I thought I had one step remaining but it was two. I landed on the outside of my foot with all my weight (and the duty belt) from a bit a free fall.

I’ve learned to just fall down as fast as possible to minimize the damage.


Looks like you almost took your head off too.


As you well know, when it goes it’s like someone pulled your leg away. It doesn’t matter what you do you are going down hard. I am glad mine wasn’t worse that yours :slight_smile: , how is yours healing up?