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Simo’s Training Log - Dangerous Dad V 2.0



Video of pulls from tonight.


That’s looking good. Your head is getting under control.


Thanks mark, it’s still a little back but it’s deff better.


That bar was moving well. Very clean looking


Woke at 85.9kg - the usual drop back in weight after training. Will need to re feed today.


Try going through a couple of litres of Gatorade every session. That should nix it.


Thanks for the tip @MarkKO I’ll give that a go.

Woke at 86.8kg today. Looks like the wife’s home made rice pudding is having an effect. Extra carbs after dinner is deff a winner!!!


First day of the kids junior cricket today. Coaching the little kids (5-6) with intro to cricket, basic skills. It was great fun, so good to see all the kids excited to play and have a good time. Had one little kid crying at the end because he didn’t want to finish and go home. It’s dayside this that make me realise why I try to stay healthy. Happy day


Great effort getting out there and coaching the kids teams mate. So many dad’s are reluctant or too lazy to give it a crack. They will remember all these times.


Thanks mate, it does take a little effort but it is all worth it. Seeing the kids all have fun is the best. It also makes me get out and move around in the fresh air for a couple of hours which has its own benefits.


Woke at 86.3kg - was hoping it would be a little higher. Ate and drank pretty well yesterday.


I coached my sons soccer team for almost 10 years that was 2-3 times every week + weekend matches.
The best time of my life i guess.
Enjoy it as long as it last Simo


Monday 5th November- micro 2 week 1 - squat and bench


Bar x 10
65 x 5
85 x 5
90 (198) x 9 RPE 7,
90 x 9 RPE 7,
90 x 9 RPE 8,
90 x 9 RPE 8,
90 x 10 RPE 9- did a massive protein fart on rep 5, had to breath poison for the last few reps. Was supposed to be 9 but did one extra to punish myself.

Bar moved ok tonight. Tried to work on tucking my chin in and looking up the same time (thanks @MarkKO) It was a bit like patting my head and running my tummy at the same time. It’s going to take some practice.

Bar x 10
65 x 6
82.5 x 6 x 5 sets
RPE 8, 8, 8, 8, 8
First set was a little slow, no real leg drive. Second was much better. Third was slower again. Four was quicker again !!.

Bent row
80 x 10 x 5 sets
Only got 8 reps on the last 2 sets, form was braking down too much.

Push ups +15kg (used push up handles) - 4 sets
20, 20, 14, 12

Massive pump from these. Quality

Trained a little late tonight and Lots of sets tonight so had to move fast. All done in 1 hr 20, I was absolutely cooked by the end.


Why do you feel like you need to look up? I look at the ground about 4-5 feet in front of me to keep from moving my head too much.


Up doesn’t mean look at the ceiling just up enough to stop me falling forwards


Yeah, it’s more a case of eyes forward than looking up as such.


Just checking!


All good, you were indeed very right. Trying to stare up would be silly and with my chin tucked just leave me looking at the inside of my upper eyelids, lmao :joy:


Woke at 87.0 (191) this morning. Tried to drink more fluids before, during and after training yesterday which has helped. The other main help was the big waygu burger and chips I had for my second lunch yesterday.
Woke up with my neck all jammed up this morning not good. It is melbourne cup today which means we get a public holiday to watch a horse race!! I love Australia. Having some friends over and will grill some meat on the bbq and sinka. few frothys.


Woke at 87.5kg (192) today after what I thought was a bad day of eating yesterday. Very surprised but did lay some serious cable after so weight probably came down a bit. Have some good doms in my legs and glutes today, it’s amazing what difference adding a set can make. I’m expecting the weight to drop back a little tomorrow but will try to eat and drink enough today to keep it over 87.