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Simo’s Training Log - Dangerous Dad V 2.0

See if you can snap a pic of one of those tigers!

Lol might not get a tiger but will probably get a pic of a devil or two !!

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Have a good holiday mate, I hear Tasmania has got some good 4wding too

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Yes it does! On my bucket list, I just can’t convince the Mrs to go on the ferry :smiley: or to cross into Vic to get there
Please get stuck into some tracks there mate, I’m having withdrawals after the Simmo a couple of months back.


No 4WDing in the hire car mate. It seems like anywhere you go over here you run out of real roads anyway !! Lol


Ok so I am back. 6 weeks to go until comp. time to get busy.

Monday 11th January - Peak week 1

Bar x 10
70 x 5
90 x 3
110 x 2
130 x 1
145 x 2 (309 lbs) - RPE 8 little slow but not too hard
137.5 x 4 x 3 sets (303 lbs) RPE 7, 7, 7
these moved well. Strength still there but a little out of the grove after a week off.

Bar x 10
70 x 5
90 x 8 x 4 sets (198 lbs) RPE 7, 7, 8, 9
Moved nice and nice pump

65 x 6 x 3 sets
Yuk!!! Inner thighs cramping in the end !!

Db bench
35 x 7 x 4 sets
Moved nice.

Pretty good first session back. Strength it still there. Feeling sore in the legs already, the rest of the week is going to hurt.


Welcome back! How was your vacay?

Really good mate. Went to Tasmania which is a beautiful part of Oz. Did lots of activity’s with the kids, rafting, tree climb courses, caves, hiking in the bush, beach. Good food, good company and good times.


Did you fly over or jump on the Spirit of Tassie?

Flew mate, only there 6 days so preferred the 1 hr flight

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Yes, it is. You just jumped right back into it there.

Vacation sounds great. We haven’t been on a legit vacation in about five years. Someday…

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Doms is out of this world today. Tried to use my impact massager tonight… not at all pleasant!


The downside to time off…

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Thursday 14th January - peak week 1

Bar x 10
70 x 5
90 x 3
100 x 1
110 x 1 (242 lbs) - good pause moved easy
110 x 1 same as the last one
102.5 x 4 x 4 sets (226 lbs) RPE 8, 8, 9,
Moved ok but were a little off grove.

Bar x 10 - 7 reps and then done

Legs were soooo sore today. After 7 reps with an empty bar my legs locked up and I called it a day. It took me 5 mins of sitting on a bench to muster the courage to walk to the car. Hopefully the soreness will be less tomorrow and I can deadlift !!


Friday 15th Jan - peak week 1


Bar x 10
70 x 5
110 x 3
150 x 1
170 x 1 - little slow
185 x 1 - legs still so tight this was like a 185kg stiff leg deadlift. Lower back held together but it was a fkn slow pull.
150 x 3 x 4 sets - RPE 7, 7, 7, 8

Hammies and inner thighs were still fkn tight. Kept the down sets to 3 reps to stop my lower back and legs from braking !!

Top set was supposed to be 175 for a double and back off sets at 142.5 x 5. I knew after the last warm up set that 175 was going to be hard so only went for a single. Dropped the down sets to 140 x 3 to save my back.
Realised on the last set that I had missloaded and the top set was 185 and the back off sets were150!! Idiot.

Bar x 15 legs still not ready

Bar x 10
70 x 5
90 x 3
97.5 x 6 x 3 sets RPE 8, 8
Chest feeling yesterdays bench but still moved ok.

Db row
40 x 9 x 4 sets

Boy what a first week back. Legs are totally trashed, lower back is solid pumped from dead’s. Chest is the only area that feels ok. Must be al that flexing I do that keeps the pecs ready to train !!


Is peak week going to have the same effect after a week off?

No more weeks off before just a taper of the volume in the last week.

You’re obviously using it in the wrong places ya big stud muffin


Show me where it says it’s not for your aggotts!

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Hate when that happens :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
(Not that it matters all that much, but it is so annoying to not be able to sum up simple numbers.)

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