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Simo’s Training Log - Dangerous Dad V 2.0





Yer I often think it would be good to get time to train in the other capitals and even meet some of the other Aussies on here or even train with them. One day


That would be awesome.


Well, whenever you’re in Canberra…


Haven’t managed to get to our fair capital yet. Would deff be great to meet and get a training session in with you Mark. Now need to find an excuse to visit Canberra :slight_smile:


Flew up to Brisbane today, back and hips did not like sitting on the plane. Got to hotel and decided to do a little conditioning set to wake the body up.

12 burpees
24 push ups
24 squats
48 seconds plank
Repeat for 4 rounds. Resting only as long as takes to suck breath back in

Legs were burning by the 4th round and chest was heaving as I tried to suck in enough oxygen. It didn’t really wake me up, now I feel like going to sleep !!!


haha made me smile man :slight_smile:
nice little circuit there. I hate burpees


It is a great circuit usually only takes around 12 mins. And I agree I hate burpees too. I usually think they are going to be ok on round 1 when I am moving fast and explosive but by round 4 I hate them !!


Yep, burpees are the work of the devil!!!


Yer but they certainly seem to get the metabolism firing on all cyclinders. I swear I looked slimmer in the mirror this morning !!


Tuesday 15th
Same session as last night, been in a meeting all day and had greasy pizza for lunch. Thought I was gonna spew on the last round.

12 burpees
24 push ups
24 squats
48 seconds plank
Repeat for 4 rounds. Resting only as long as takes to suck breath back in


Meetings all day combined with time spent in the car and on the plane and my hips are very angry tonight. Will rest them up up tonight and then do some stretching and rolling tomorrow.


Still haven’t trained this week. Had to take my daughter to basketball tonight. It was only her third game (she is 6). They won tonight 16 - 6 and she actually had a good game. She didn’t score but had a real nice steal under the basket, jumped across and grabbed the ball out of the air when someone was shooting. She still doesn’t quite know what to do but is getting better every week. We saw a rainbow on the way to the game and I told her it was good luck. Turns out it was because they won. Quality.
Sitting here rolling out my quads and hips with a spikey ball and they are seriously tight. Will squat tomorrow night so hoping this will loosen them up a bit.


You should add “had a great quality time with dad”. (who is not fat yet).

When you’re 6 that’s all that matters, doesn’t matter if you win or lose, your among friends and having a good time.

Really liked that post Simo.


Thanks man, she is the only girl on the team and absolutely loves playing with the boys. She is so happy playing that watching her is the best. It really makes up for a crappy week at work and starts the weekend off with a big high.


The best time you can ever spent is with your kids. They love that their mom or/and dad comes to see them doing stuff.
And it such a short time of your life, before you know it they are no longer kids and playing around.
Have fun Simo. Don’t forget the rainbows and unicorns. When they are kids it’s very rare they focus on only one thing.


The best laid plans of mice and men !!!
Plans changed again today, was going to squat tonight and then realised it was a friends birthday. Wife and I were supposed to go out but forgot to organise a babysitter. I sent the wife out and stayed home with the kids. After a few days away this week with work I really didn’t feel like a night out anyway. Will now need to find time to squat tomorrow.


Sunday 20th May micro 5 week 2
Squat and Bench.

Bar x 10
Bar x 10
65 x 8
95 x 6
107.5 x 6 RPE 9.5 last rep was a little high. First few were ok but as it got harder I started cranking my head back again.
107.5 x 6 RPE only got 4 reps, sat too far back on rep 5 and got stuck at the bottom. Fking angry with myself.
107.5 x 6 RPE 10 these felt a little high but I just wanted to get 6 reps
107.5 x 6 RPE 9 these moved a little better. Although I rekon they were still a bit high !!
107.5 x 6 RPE 10 but ugly
65 x 10 (2 count pause)

Not happy with depth tonight so added a set to work on pause in the hole.
Tried to focus on bracing and keeping knees out and keeping head neutral. Still not happy with squats, just gotta keep working them I guess.

Bar x 10
65 x 8
85 x 5
92.5 x 6 RPE 9.5 good reps but last one was slow
92.5 x 5 RPE 10 - should have been 6 reps but rep 5 was a grinder
92.5 x 5 RPE 10 better than last set but deff didn’t have 6 in me
92.5 x 5 RPE 10 still only 5 reps
92.5 x 6 RPE 10 only got 3 reps bar went too far in front on third rep and took everything to fight it back.
Dropped to:
65 x 15 - last rep took for ever, thought for a second i was going to run out of puff and drop the bar on my face !! Kept on pushing and managed to edge it past the J hooks. Phew!
Press went ok today.

85 x 6 x 5 sets - in rest (supposed to be 82.5 but 85 was quicker to load !)

Some good and some bad tonight with a bit of ugly thrown in. It has been 8 days since my last weights session and that is just too long. I always feel better if I train more frequently but that couldnt happen this week. So happy to be back under the bar and looking forward to a couple more sessions this week. I have one more workout for this week, and then a week of mini deload and then the final week is working up to a 3 rep max. Looking forward to seeing what happens !!!


I know the feeling. It’s fight for your life style training.

Seemed like a tough workout there Simo.


Yer as the volume has increased it is deff getting harder. Only a few more sessions then I will switch back to an intensity block.
I train alone so always have the safety’s when I am benching but was still a bit worried !! Lol :wink: