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Simo’s Training Log - Dangerous Dad V 2.0



Went to the osteo tonight. Had some manipulation, some massage and some dry needling in my right trap. Back is still tight everywhere as well as my pecs. She told me I need to stretch my pecs more this week and work the spikey ball into my back.


That reminds me that I still need to buy a lacrosse ball.


With all the problems you have @JMaier31 I thought you would already have all the pre and rehab gadgets money could buy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was trying to get my wife to bring home a tennis ball and she bought me a weird stick to roll out my feet. I was rolling my feet at the time but I wanted the ball for my glutes. I’m pretty sure a lacrosse ball will be too much. I’ll need to start with something softer.


I think tennis ball will be too soft. Lacrosse ball will hurt but it will work.


Woke at 80.3kg - pretty happy that weight is holding despite being a little less strict with the macros. Body feels good after osteo last night. Looking forward to training later in the week.


Osteo wants me to go back again next week. I think she just wants to put her hands on my body again !!! The long term prognosis for my neck is not good. Already a little arthritis in there only going to get worse. I guess I am going to have to build even more muscle through my traps and neck to compensate and keep me upright in the future.


At our gym we have a tennis program and for the younger kids we use low pressure tennis balls. They’re sort of like under inflated balls that don’t bounce as fast. Perfect for rolling around on your back and glutes.


Still sounds too soft to me, like a fat ladies hands !!


My massage therapist is also the therapist for the FC Dallas men’s pro soccer team. She is outrageously strong. I almost tapped out last go round. Need a safe word or something!


That’s what those tennis balls are for, you stick it in your mouth when you have a massage to bite down on !!


So you’re saying I should steal tennis balls off little kids


Absolutely… they can’t do anything about it anyways


What’s happening with your neck? Does it hurt you? Or is it tough to keep good posture?


Compressed disk between 4 and 5, narrowing of the joint with some calcification. It’s from an old injury. Nothing can be done really but your comment about posture is a good one. It plays up more when I spend too many hours bent over the lap top or phone.


Coaches prerogative, I get an my cricket balls from the club!!


Damn man I’m sorry you have that. I’ve never noticed you having bad posture in any of your videos or pictures though, so you must keep it under control


It’s all good man, it’s just part of life. I try to balance push and pull movements and keep as straight as possible. I do have some rounding if the shoulders but nothing too obvious. It doesn’t effect my lifting or daily life other than the odd bit of stiffness. But I’m still better off than a lot of others on here with injuries.


How’s the time with your Pops been? That’s awesome that he’ll train with you. Hope you guys are having a blast


Sucks about the neck mate, my necks a little fucked too, degeneration in the joints, gives me grief from time to time, just part of getting older.
Try a cricket ball for the tough areas, works wonders as it’s small.