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Simo’s Training Log - Dangerous Dad V 2.0



Sounds like you had a great time and it’s good to do that sort of thing occasionally.


Mon 1st April - Intensity block week 1

Bar x 10
65 x 5
85 x 5
97.5 x 5 (215 lbs) - RPE 6 - a little slow but ok
85 x 8 x 3 sets - these were much better
SS inc sit ups
12kg med ball- 10 x 4 sets

Bar x 10
65 x 5
85 x 5 (187 lbs) RPE - 8 done with a deff pause. Little slow but ok
67.5 x 8 x 3 sets - long pause and good speed
SS band pull aparts
20 x 4 sets

Bulgarian split squats
10 x 7 x 4 sets

Push ups (on handles)
Max x 3 sets - 40, 25, 16 (did the last set slow tempo)
SS pull ups
Max x 3 sets - 10, 6, 7

Hammer curls
10kg x 15 x 3 sets

Good session tonight, weights a little lighter as it’s the start of the block. Everything felt good. Only problem was I had a very sore neck. Must have slept funny and woke up really stiff. I am guessing I’ll be moving like a robot tomorrow.


I should have mentioned in my update above that my dad trained with me last night. Dad is 72 but still goes to the gym 5 times a week. He doesn’t do too much heavy lifting these days but a mix of lighter weight BB type training as well as a whole mix of classes (spin bikes, body pump, circuits etc etc).
While I squatted last night he decided to ride the stationary bike. My neighbor had a pro watt bike which is kind of like a fancy spin bike. Dad got on and I put it onto what I though was the lightest setting. He does twenty minutes and was saying how hard it was. My neighbor stuck his head in the gym later and when we asked him, it turns out there are two controls for restistance and I only turned one down, the other one was set at 7/10. Lmao dad thought he had suddenly become weak overnight and was cursing me for stitching him up.
It’s always good to train with dad. Happy days.


Woke at 80.6kg - happy weight is staying down. On a bad note my sore neck from yesterday has gotten a lot worse. I knew it would be bad about half way through training last night as it started tightening up. I didn’t really sleep last night as there was no position where it didn’t hurt.
I’m at work today but very stiff, I have ab osteo appointment for this afternoon so hopefully they can work some magic.


We got the same neck crap! Definitely no comfortable way to sleep. Hope you feel better soon man! And… that’s hilarious about your dad on the bike


Mate while he was on it he was too proud to say it was tough. He just pushed on in sweaty silence. I laughed hard when my neighbor told us.


Excellent progress!


Thanks man. I am pretty happy with how im going and most of all glad my strength seems to be holding.


So I managed to get an appointment with the osteo today. She did a great job, said my neck was so tight she was sure it would crack. She worked on it for a while and then adjusted it and craaaack. It was soooo good. She then said my right hand trap and neck was so tight my whole shoulder was higher on that side. She massaged my trap and oh boy was it knotted. My neck is still very sore but at least now I can turn my head freely. I have another appointment for next week so she can work on my shoulders.


Bet you guys didn’t know, jack and I both drive badass black pickup trucks!

I washed mine like 2 weeks ago, already super dirty from the recent weather. Guess I gotta do it again.


Yours is black? Or was it grey? Either way white is the way to go in my opinion. Hides the dirt better. I had a ram like you for a while. Loved that HEMI but needed a change. Now you just need to get it lifted or at least lengthen your clavicles!


ya mine’s black. used to have a grey one.

and totally agree, black shows dirt way too easy, i just prefer how it looks when it’s actually clean, lol.


Pick up trucks or utes as we call em down here are pretty cool. But my motorbike is still more badass!! :sunglasses:


Woke at 80.4kg (176 lbs) - Feel like Ive been hit by a truck !! Neck is a lot more free but still very sore, back and hips are a bit sore now as well. I am guessing being straightened out has had an impact.


Sounds like you’ve been out of alignment for awhile if your muscles are sore. It means some of them are feeling stretched because they got so used to their new positions. Hopefully they calm down and don’t try to pull you back out of alignment.


Woke at 80.6kg - neck is still very sore, it’s not locked like earlier in the week but it’s still sore enough to impact on sleep. I thin @JMaier31 has hit it on the head about being out of alignment. My whole body is stiff again today. I don’t have to train again until tomorrow so hopefully it will get better. I have another osteo session next week so that should help.


So I had a slight weight increase this morning and I had a big pile of turkey mince stir fry noodles for dinner. It’s going to be Interesting to see what the weight is like tomorrow and also how training goes tomorrow night.


Woke at 80.4kg (176 lbs) - I wasn’t expefting that. It seems like noodles have strange weight loss properties!! Maybe I should eat more noodles !!


I thought you were worried about the sodium. Carbs treat me well if I eat them in the evening. I actually went over my calories yesterday by eating two bananas yesterday after dinner. I was starving and craving carbs so I gave in. I woke up at a new low today.


Never really worry about sodium as I don’t add a lot of salt to food and if anything am probably too low anyway. I was worried about how big my belly looked last night after dinner though !!!