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Simo’s Training Log - Dangerous Dad V 2.0



Wow, I wish that were true, Zane is a legend. Thanks man


@OTHSteve I think @jackolee loves the feel of his baby smooth baby and wants us all to join the clan!!


Woke at 80.7kg (177.5 lbs) - new low which was expected after training last night. Not sure it will stay for the weekend!
Another busy weekend for me. Daughter 2 has a basketball finals game this morning. Then it’s gymnastics with my son and the rest of the day will be getting the house ready for mum and dad to arrive.


You look like you’d be one hell of a rugby player.


@JMaier31 I played a little at school but haven’t played for years. I’m not sure my body could take the hits these days.


So my daughter won her preliminary final and is now in grand final next week. She played well and was so happy.


I pictured you as the one delivering the hits.


Yer but down here in Melbourne the average rugby player is a 110kg Pacific Islander !! When you run into them you just bounce off !


@JMaier31 a bit like this



It’s amazing no matter how old you get, having your mum and dad come to stay makes you feel like a kid again. Decided I better give the car a wash today, my dad is a bit of a petrol head and there is no way I can pick up Mum and dad in a dirty car. Nothing too odd about that you say, except it was raining !! I washed it in the rain and luckily it stopped raining just when I started to chamois it off. Came up pretty good.


Black looks so nice when it’s clean. I always keep my truck clean and my wife’s car is a trash can of kid crap and clutter. It was up for its 90,000 mile maintenance and an oil change so I took it and got everything done and cleans it up real nice. Hopefully it will last longer than a day or two.

Hope you have a great time with your parents in town. Your blessed to still have them around. Hope your kids have fun with the grandparents as well


Parents arrived safe and sound last night. It’s about a 30 hour journey from uk to here, 23 of which is spent sitting on planes so they were both very tired but very happy . The kids stayed up and hid in the house, when nanny and grandad came in they all jumped out. It was so cool to see them all running up to Mum and dad and getting cuddles. We haven’t seen them for 2 years but the kids get to see them on FaceTime every few weeks. When they arrived it was like they were only here a week ago.


Enjoy the time with your parents, Simo!! They’re a limited resource.


I like the Mini better :slight_smile:
But looks like a nice ride, hope your dad appreciated the new washed car.
Have a great time with you mum and dad.


Woke at 80.6kg (177 lbs) - feels good to start the week with a new low. Mum and dad arrived safe and sound, and we had a good first day yesterday. Lots of playing with the kids and just catching up on family news. I allowed myself one beer yesterday but it was a low carb one !!! New training block starts today. I’ll update later what the next block looks like.


I’m going to do my best to drink our American domestics like Bud Light or Coors Light from here on out. 100 calories vs 250+ calories adds up fast!


Yep I was drinking this yesterday

99 cals per bottle
1 gram protien
2.2 grams of carbs
0.3 grams of sugar
4.6% ALC\VOL

Clean taste and very easy to drink !!


Looking good Simo, beast mode!

Drinks on a Sunday, works well. I had way too many pints of Bulmers Saturday night to celebrate a mates new baby


That sounds like a big session. How did you pull up?


Haha, not good, got there about 5, left at 2am, Bulmers on tap, spent waaaay to much money, drank waaaaay too much, felt fairly rough yesterday. Although, I never do that kind of shit anymore