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Simo’s Training Log - Dangerous Dad V 2.0



Took a few photos in the gym tonight. Not exactly @jackolee or @flipcollar but I’ll take it.

Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread

Great physique Simo!


Thanks man. How’s life treating you? Are you getting back on track?


Pretty badly, not gonna lie. Still standing though, things will get better. Not my first rough time.

Training is going forward again though, so that is something :smiley:


It’s shit that things aren’t good, but great to hear you are dealing with it and moving forward. Here’s to all the good things to come :beer:


You’re looking good Simo, beginning to lean out. You’ve done a freaking good job man.


Thanks @mortdk, I’m not sure how much further I can take it. Dad and mum arrive tomorrow night so keeping in a deficit is not going to be easy. Maybe if I get a good tan when I go holiday that will make me look shredded!! :joy:


Gunna look like a tank pretty soon


Looking real solid man! A little shave and you’ll have lost another 5 lbs. great work simo


Heheh, you’re trying to talk all us hairy dudes into shaving, or what?


Nah just busting his chops. Although if I didn’t shave I’d have all you guys beat. I’m one hairy SOB!


I don’t know, mine doesn’t show in pictures as much as is there, it’s all white, I’m like a silverback gorilla…


Silverbacks are cool :slight_smile:


Dude, you look fucking awesome! Good work man. You’ve got really, really good proportions. Impressive, I’m kinda jealous lol.


Yeah, I’m jealous too, my hips are wider in relation to my shoulders, and no amount of muscle gain or fat cutting will change that or give me that taper. I guess I’ll have to look into clavicle lengthening… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not gonna feed your ego and say dude you are smashing it. Instead I’ll make some sarcastic smart ass comment meant to undermine your progress will making you question your direction and self worth…


Frank Zane esque


I like it how the Brits and Aussies have rubbed of on an Arkansas boy and now he’s saying smashing it! Lol


Thanks @flipcollar coming from you that is a real compliment. I just need to work out a way to add 15lbs of muscle over the next few years without breaking.


Yer @losthog has come a long way alright. Soon he’ll be using words like bonza or geezer or Quality. Then we can turn him into a US, Brit, Oz smoothie !!