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Simo’s Training Log - Dangerous Dad V 2.0



Thanks @littlesleeper - I must admit she I am actually enjoying seeing the changes and it shows just how fat I was to start with. It’s so easy to get weight confused with muscle and as we get bigger (heavier) and stronger we feel good about ourselves. Now I’m stripping away the layers I am realising I need to build some more muscle.


Can also used before a spa day with the wife!


This is a very sad, but true fact. It hurts when you start cutting and realize you’ve been lying to yourself about your muscle mass.


So true. This challenge has been an eye-opener to quite a few of us.


Myself included. Thought my stage weight would have been 10 lbs heavier than it was


Woke at 81.4kg (179lbs) - slept like a baby last night. (that doesn’t mean I soiled myself and cried a lot). Good to see the weight at under 180 again. Really hoping to see 80kg by the end of the week.


That will be after drinking a lot of beer when your dads in town!


Lmao that is a very real possibility !!


Little conditioning tonight.

Boxing on the heavy bag
10 x 2 min rounds - 30 sec rest
20 bodyweight squats superset with 20 push ups - 3 rounds no rest.

Felt a little faint after this so recovered with taco’s !! They actually didn’t help that much still feel shattered.


Did you eat some rice? That might’ve helped with the low blood sugar.


The high intensity little test work gets me too. I bet your heart was pumping good and strong after that. Saying tacos don’t help is a big fat lie though… how dare you


Woke at 81.2kg - feeling a little tired but body feel good.

@jackolee usually taco’s make everything better but last night they let me down. I am crushed !!

@JMaier31 no rice but I did have some corn on the cob smothered in butter !


Weight is coming down nicely Simo.
We could end up the same place about 80 kgs.
About the gaining weight stuff, I gained 10 kg last year, now I’ve lost the 10 kg and I’m in about the same spot, goddamnit :slight_smile: But it was fun eating a lot.
Great session with boxing and the superset. Quality


Yer 80kg is what I call my fighting weight. I’m heavy enough to still be strong and look like I lift, but light enough to move. I’m going to keep my feed clean for another 5 weeks until my holiday. My coach is putting together the next training block which will include working up to something a little heavier with some back off sets. If I drop a little more then I’m fine with that.
Still don’t have the new training block yet and I am getting excited.


Starting to get a stuffy nose tonight. I think @MarkKO has infected me with his cold. Hopefully a goood night sleep will kick it in the arse.


Woke at 81.1kg (178 lbs) - getting real close to 80 now. Cold hasn’t got any worse so hopefully I’ve missed a bullet there.


Got an email from coach laying out the next 5 weeks (4 week block and deload).
Haven’t seen the reps and sets yet as the spreadsheet is in progress but getting excited. Here is what he said

Feel free to take a look!

“It is heavier overall, but still voluminous as thats working well. We are starting to see a response with the higher volume, IE those deadlift numbers pointing to a PB for sure. I think it will be there for squats too, and im certain we will see this come AMRAP day in week 4. 6 reps will give you a PB, but IMO i think you’ll get more than that after lifting heavier for a couple weeks.”

So looks like higher weight, still some good volume and hitting an Amrap PB in 4 weeks.


You’re trailing by 1 kg my friend, woke at 79.9 kg today second time under 80 :slight_smile:


Damn, looks like I will have to work hard in the gym tonight and starve myself later !!’ Lol


Friday 29th March - deload week

Bar x 10
65 x 5
107.5 (237 lbs) x 10 x 3 sets

Bar x 10
65 x 5
75 165 lbs) x 8 x 4 sets

Bar x 10
65 x 5
70 x 10 x 4 sets
SS Row
70 x 8 x 4 sets
Very short rest on these, got a great chest pump.

Dumbell curls
10kg x 15 x 4 sets
SS push ups (narrow hands)
20 x 4 sets

Good little session tonight, nice pump and worked off a few calories !!