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Simo’s Training Log - Dangerous Dad V 2.0



Thanks mate. Considering I have done direct shoulder work for a few months they do look ok. Shoulders have always been a good muscle for me so they don’t need too much work.!


Thanks bigpappa it certainly was tough. My chest is very sore today but legs and back have pulled up pretty well. Still looking forward to the deload for next week.


Thanks Steve. My dad was pretty good with us kids when he had time, but he worked way more hours than I do, so I feel like I am making up for that. Plus I hate sitting around and doing stuff with the kids is a good excuse to go out.


My dad sucked at that, so did my mom. I didn’t do that many sporty things as a kid, buy we kids was out everyday playing around with all kinds of thing. Kids don’t do that these days.
I’ve been involved with my kids a lot when they were young. If I should give any dad or mom advises it would be to get involved with the kids and their friends, pays of big time.
I love seeing this in your log Simo.


Woke at 81.7kg this morning but was ok with that.
I have a small confession to make. This weekend I have allowed myself to eat more freely. I don’t feel bad about it at all, in fact it’s ok because @jackolee told me to. Now when I say more freely I didn’t exactly go mad.
On Saturday I allowed myself a peanut butter sandwich at lunch time and also some rice with my dinner. That evening I also allowed myself some salted nuts.
On Sunday I also had a small peanut butter bread roll as a snack at the motocross track and we had roast lamb for dinner and I ate 6 small pieces of roast potatoe.
Phew I feel much better now I have confessed. Nothing more to see here, jog on everyone. :sunglasses:


Bossing it!


Took you advise … see my log :slight_smile:


Oi you don’t you go doing lots of running and getting even skinnier !!!


Woke at 81.7kg - body feeling a little beaten up, glad it is a deload week.


Watch your language


Sorry guv


Mon 25th Mar - deload

Bar x 10
65 x 10
70 x 10 x 4 sets (154 lbs)
SS incline sit ups
10 x 4 sets
Kept the rest around 60 secs, good pump.

Bar x 10
65 x 7 x 4 sets (143 lbs)
SS band pull aparts
20 x 4 sets
Kept rest under 60 secs. Good little chest pump here.

5kg x 10 x 4 sets
I still don’t like these !! Rest here was very short,Just long enough to catch my breath, maybe 30 secs.

Push ups
BW x 20 x 3 sets
SS pull ups
8 x 3 sets

That was it for the deload but added a little BB stuff.

Giant set- Lateral raises, Bent lateral raises and front raises. 10 reps of each no rest between.
8kg x 3 sets
Shoulder pump here was full on.

Hammer curls
10kg x 15 x 3 sets
SS dumbell tricep extension (single dumbell - both hands)
15kg x 20 x 3 sets
Very little rest here, big arm pump and felt sick !!

Barbell curls laying on incline bench
15kg x 10 x 3

It was fun to do a little BB pump work at the end. I felt like Rich Gaspari lol !!
Shoulders were very tight after the lateral raises, I kept getting upper back and shoulder spasms while I was trying to shower. Good little session, very happy.


That’s my kind of shit right there!


Can you explain the Delia’s to me. Why not just take a few days off every now and again. Guess I don’t understand what it’s doing for your strength progression…


When you pump up before going on stage the focus is delts, pecs, and lats. I do a circuit three times through.

Lateral raises with resistance bands. Go until your approaching failure. Depending on the band around 35 reps.

Pushups average width. 50 reps

Chin ups 10-15 reps


It’s crazy what you can do to your physique in 10 minutes. You look 15 lbs heavier afterwards… granted only for about 1/2 an hour.


The deload (although Delia is a nicer name for it) is really to give you a break and to give your body a little more time to recover from the heavier work. Usually the next block of training also cycles back to lighter weights at the start and builds each week. For some people a deload is just going for a walk with the dog, or going for a swim and spa. For me as only train 2 days a week I like to hit some lighter reps and just flush the body with blood. I find I recover well and I’m also better equipped to deal with the next training block. If I have a whole week off I tend to find the first few sessions a bit harder.


Looking awesome Simo! Huge progress. You fellas are making me want to cut…


Just wait till you see my obliques! Or it might be my ribs…


I do almost the same, I think it was @JMaier31 that wrote about the 3 headed monster.
I do it front raise, lat raise and bent lat raise.
Gives a nice pump.


Woke at 81.1 (178 lbs) lightest for a long time and this was despite having some stir fry chicken with egg noodles for dinner. Had my usual terrible night of sleep after training last night. Will try and get to bed a little early tonight.