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Simo’s Training Log - Dangerous Dad V 2.0



Thankyou. I am at that point now where I am starting to wonder what I would look like 15lbs lighter at 165 lbs. part of me says OK and part says skinny !!!


Look great simo!


Thanks duke. How you going these days?


That’s what I thought. I really believed that my cut would end at 165 and it went to 155. Guess we all have a little more fluff than we think. Looking great regardless Simo


Mate one thing I know for sure is at 165 I would look nowhere near as good as you. Lmao :joy:


I’m right there with you! I’m a little worried about losing another 10 lbs. I’m trying to tell myself two things.

  1. if I actually lose the weight then I probably do have plenty of fat left.
  2. I could always gain it back!


As long as your still training hard and eating enough protein it’s gonna he fat loss not muscle. If anything you’ll look bigger with less fat. Ignore the number


Good man


Woke at 81.2kg - 178.6 lbs - given I was hot as fk after training and awake sweating most of last night I was expecting that loss.


Looking beastly mate.
Sweating all night is fucked, I get this too, and this late burst of heat doesn’t help.


It was ridiculous, It didn’t matter what I did. I don’t think it was helped by the caffeine pre workout !! Looks like I will be having an early night tonight :sleeping:


Looking good mate


Thanks mark, I’m pretty happy with how my back is looking, deff seeing more muscle there.


Basketball with my daughter this morning. They lost and didn’t have a great game but the good news is they made finals. Next week is the semi final and if they can win that they will be in the final.
Gymnastics with little Jake now, he really loves it and as he in the only boy he basically gets 90 mins of private coaching.


Pretty good day today. Daughter 2 had basketball, son had gymnastics, then son had a party at a climbing place whilst daughters 1 and 2 went to a scouts thing. I got an hour of time with the misses with no kids, which although it was spend shopping it was nice.
Meatballs for dinner and even allowed myself some rice.
After dinner daughter 1 had a karate grading, she did a great job and aren’t her new purple belt.
A busy day but a good day. Tomorrow I am taking all the kids to the track in the morning to do some motocross which should be fun.


I love how involved you are with your kids’ activities! I wish I had been better when my kids were that young. I’m a better dad to my adult kids now than I was when they were younger, and I’m doing better with my 16 year old than I did with the others. Some of us learn how to be a good parent later than others…


Awesome update. Delts looking ripped


Does jake do gymnastics once a week or more? Is he doing all the men’s events or just tumbling?


looks like a killer session today


Jake has just started gymnastics, he does 1 x 90min class a week. He is doing a MAG fundamentals class (mens artistic gymnastics). So he will learn fundamentals for all events. On Saturday he was doing some parallel bars, some trampoline working on jumping straight and pointing toes and he did some floor work working on stretches and strength.