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Simo’s Training Log - Dangerous Dad V 2.0



Awesome session…
Squat would have floored me for the rest of the week. Damn looked like a serious session. Well done Simo.


Thanks mate. The squats were tough, especially the breathing by the end. But it was the Bulgarian split squats that really finished me off. The pump and burn was intense, in between sets I changed between walking, sitting and lying in the ground and the throbbing wouldn’t go away.
The strange thing is that I don’t feel too bad today. A little soreness in the legs but that’s it. It seems squatting twice a week at higher volume has conditioned my legs somewhat.


Btw maybe your lack of weight loss could be due to the fact that you actually are building a bit of muscles?
Muscles outweighs fat, so just a little bit of muscle means a lot of fat and you would be at the same weight.


I did consider this and would be more than happy if that is the case. I still have some love handles that I need to get rid off either way !!


Leg pump from last night !!


Body felt ok today. Legs are getting a little sore now and I expect there to be some decent doms tomorrow. Allowed myself a very small amount of rice for dinner tonight. It was so bloody good.
Monday nights after training are always really bad when it comes to sleep. Going to try and get my head down early tonight.


Laughs in 250 carbs on training days


Chortles in 500+ grams of carbs a day


Guffaws in 1000 carbs on refeed days


Legs looking great btw. Super workouts


Good luck with that!


Evily Laughs as i eat everything in sight because I’m a teenager***


Yessir it’s gonna suck. I’m doing Lyle McDonald’s Ultimate Diet 2.0. We shall see how it goes. Basically it’s starve yourself for 4 days, gorge for 1, slight deficit for 2. I have a disgustingly large appetite for oats & sugar, so I think I’ll be j chillin


Woke at 81.4kg (179 lbs) - good old chicken and broccoli doing it’s job again.


Chicken and broccoli is like the weight loss equivalent of coke and meth lol!


Does that mean I can eat pizza and ice cream as long as I add coke and meth too.


Perfectly balanced


I was right about that leg doms!!! Walking a little funny today. Boxing tonight so hopefully the movement will flush some blood through the legs.


Little conditioning session tonight.
Boxing heavy bag - 10 x 2 mins rounds with 30 sec rest

Push ups
20 x 5 sets
Superset with
Hammer curls
40lb x 10 x 5 sets

Decided to add some push ups tonight to make up for those I missed on Monday. Really good session, sweated heaps and got a great shoulder and arm pump. Veins showing on both shoulders after this session.
I am a happy boy :grinning:


Seeing veins in new places is strangely satisfying. I’ve always been envious of @flipcollar’s shoulder veins. Those things seem to pop even when he’s relaxed lol