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Simo’s Training Log - Dangerous Dad V 2.0



Fat thumbs and typing on my phone while doing cardio makes for lots of screw up lol


Those squats looked tough! Don’t feel bad about depth; I used a 24" box yesterday. I figured out I can use it for a depth stop and it allows me to squat without risking any further injury to my hip.


They weren’t easy, that was set 2 and the next 3 sets weren’t any easier. With this hypertrophy block it’s more about accumulating volume and increasing weight. My leg muscles and fried and they can tell what the depth was anyway !!!


Just looked at some of your back pics and I don’t think yours attach particularly high. I used to think mine did too and as much as I hate to use the term lower lats, switching from mostly vertical pulling with rowing as secondary thought to mostly rowing instead but focusing on pulling in a j path from out in front to lower down near the hip with elbows tucked (trying to put your elbow in your back pocket) as much as possible has really done wonders for my lower lats.


In danish “pats” means breaths :slight_smile:
Great squats and you’re looking great.


Wtf looking big as hell. Them quads. You’re getting pretty ripped


In jealous buddy. Awesome progress


Looking solid big Simo, keep it up mate


Woke at 81.8kg - 180 lbs - not feeling too bad,
Body is pretty sore from training yesterday but the good kind of soreness and my lower back seems ok. Going to the Arnold festival today so should do a fair amount of walking (compared to being at work). I’ll try and take some pics / vid and throw some up tonight.


So had the day off work and went to the Arnold today. Got to see some powerlifting which was mostly women today, men tomorrow. Some figure or whatever that women’s not quite bodybuilding stuff is called and some amateur and pro strongman. As well as all the usual supp and other merchandise stuff you would expect. Was a great day, got in plenty of walking which was good for me back and legs.


Ima go tomorrow morning. Any booths worth dropping by for free stuff?


UPS had a bag with a 2.2l drink bottle and some samples in it that was good for free. Nutrition warehouse was ok, you wheel and get a bag with a shaker or something else in it. Some others had free t shirts or other stuff but the queues were too long for me.
I’ll be there tomorrow with my little boy, BR won’t be there until after 12:00 as I have to take him to gymnastics in the morning.


UPS = United parcel service?


Close ultimate performance supps


Wife bought takeaway pizza for dinner tonight. I had some left over slow cooked beef and veggies and the decided to treat myself to one small slice. OMG how the fk does anyone only eat one slice of pizza. Now I am so hungry I could 10 pizzas !!! :pizza::pizza::pizza::pizza::pizza::pizza::pizza::pizza::pizza::pizza::pizza::pizza:


Congrats you played yourself


Yeah for real! I think having a small taste or serving of something like that is worse than not at all. It’s like the Mrs. getting you all worked up and ready to go and then changing her mind. At some point there’s only so much self control lol.


Woke at 81.5kg feeling very dehydrated and tired. Had to take the girls to a local pantomime last night. 2 hours of sitting in an uncomfortable chair watching local theatre was not exactly my idea of a good night out. The kids totally loved it so at least that was something. Hips and back a little jacked up from the sitting.
Off to my sons gymnastics soon and then off to the Arnold this arvo.


That’s what parenting is all about, doing stuff your kids love, seeing their joy and excitement it worth it.
Have fun at the arnold and bring a selfie together with the hamster @guineapig


Yep, have spent many hours doing shit I wasn’t keen on die to the kids, but it makes them happy.
Have fun at the Arnold’s. Sounds like a great few days