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Simo’s Training Log - Dangerous Dad V 2.0



Good thing is that the family visiting is my mum and dad, not in laws. My dad knows I train, I started training with him when I was 16. He still goes to the gym 5 days a week at 72 and will even go when he is visiting here. He will probably train with me in the evening as well, even if he just does some light weight or walk on the running machine and watch me. So I’m not expecting any impact to training, if anything it will be motivating. Diet could be a different challenge as my dad loves a drink too !!


Thanks @yonkey some days it feels like progress is too slow. But I’m in a great place right now and feeling very positive


Just remember how jacked really lean guys look! We all say it when we see them but it’s tough to recognize it in ourselves.

I’m hoping I have something that looks good when I’m done with this, because the scale will just say skinny.


Woke at 82.2kg a little up from yesterday but that seems to be normal for the second day after training. Will try and fit him some boxing tonight and then my next session will be Thursday night.
I am going to the Arnold festival on Friday to check out the strongman and powerlifting, and everything else that is happening. I’ve also got to take the kids out in the evening so no time for training on Friday.


I remember when I was lean. The scale said skinny. So did the mirror. Next time I’m lean it’ll be a different story.


Managed to get some boxing done tonight.
10 x 2 mins rounds with 30 sec rest.
Energy was a little low but still managed to work up a good sweat and work off a little stress.


Looking Swole!


When will that be happening? I won’t believe it until I see it.


Woke at 81.8kg (180 lbs) - feeling a little dehydrated this morning. Haven’t slept well the last 2 days and with training tonight I am guessing I won’t sleep well tonight either. Weight loss looks like it has slowed down as expected. Will need to add more work in next week.


A while, that’s for sure.

Theres no point in my even considering it until my total is decent. Except, there may come a point at which I need to lean out to make room for more muscle to make my total decent, so there is that too. I honestly don’t think my frame can support more than 275 lbs, so I’ve got another 20 lbs I can add. That in itself will take time because right now getting beyond 257 lbs doesn’t seem to be happening. Again, whether I’d need to drop some to get a better runup at 275 lbs is something that may crop up. In any case I think the absolute lightest I’d go to would be 220 lbs. Any more than that and I’d be going beyond making room and into looking pretty territory with the accompanying loss in performance.

Sorry for the hijack @simo74


All good mark. It’s good to get an insight into how others view the whole bodyweight vs strength vs aesthetics.
I am hoping that be cutting some fat and then starting a longer slower bulk it may help with the T levels and help build some muscle. If I can add 3-5kg of muscle to my frame this year I would be very happy. The fact I have lost 6kg of fluff easily with no real impact to strength (that I have seen yet) tells me I’m only dropping fat.
I like being heavier but I really don’t like being fat.


Thursday 14th March hypertrophy block 2 week 3

Bar x 10
65 x 5
105 x 5
117.5 x 10 x 5 sets (258 lbs) - RPE 7, 7, 8, 8, 8
These really take the wind out of me. Mate turned up after 4 sets and stopped to talk. Waited too long a cooled down a bit.

Bar x 10
65 x 5
85 x 5
100 x 7 x 5 sets (220 lbs) - RPE 8, 8, 9, 9, 9
Moved ok, more that a few were a little high but still pretty happy to hit all the reps.

Bar x 10
65 x 7
75 x 10 x 5 sets
SS with Rows
75 x 8 x 5 sets
So out of breath on there, rests were a little longer. Only got 9 bench and 6 rows on set 4, 8 reps of bench and 9 rows on last set. Great pump from these.

Barbell curl 20kg x 50 reps

Pretty happy tonight, was a little fatigued but that is to be expected given this is the third week. Bit of soreness in my lower back after my shower, didn’t feel anything pull so guessing it is just muscle tightness.


This will help tremendously. The leaner you are when you begin an effort to gain mass the easier it will be to put on lean muscle without as much fat gain.
Also you’ll be accustomed to eating clean already and can simply eat at a larger volume to gain. Your going about this with a smart approach!


Squats from tonight, not pretty but not too ugly either !!


Couple of pics from tonight,

If you squint you can see an ab !!

Almost a tricep !!

Bicep definition starting to show


Looking good, Simo.


You’ve got the low pat attachments that I’ve always envied! Looking solid man. The real changes in asthetic come towards the end of the cut. You will start seeing more and more definition here soon!


Thanks mate, but what are these !! Lol :joy:


Your lats attach to your core lower down. It pretty much means that if you were to focus on your lats that you could grow giant bat wings pretty quick!

Mine on the other hand attach pretty high up. Nothing much I can do about that. It’s kind of like when one guy has a short calf that makes a softball when flexed and another has that long calf that goes way down towards the ankle.


Ha ha ‘lats’ makes so much more sense than ‘pats’