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Simo’s Training Log - Dangerous Dad V 2.0



Try the cue heels to traps. Drive yourself onto your traps and along the bench.


Thanks Mark, I’ll keep trying eventually I’ll get it.


Looking sting as Hell man! That’s awesome that you got Jake out on the track. Looked like a great day. I’d be super nervous that he’d crash. I’m just anxious like that.

Looked like a really solid session!

Can you explain the RPE? And the x7x5… not sure what that means


Me and misses were very nervous for the first few laps but our anxiety reduced as he got more steady.

The 82.5 x 7 x 5 sets - is just my short way of typing. Weight 82.5kg (182 lbs), reps per set = 7, number of sets = 5.
The RPE is relative perceived effort, basically how hard did it feel. This is very subjective of course but my coach uses it as a guide to make small adjustments when they are needed. It is out of 10, so a 10 means you could not do another rep. 9 means you have 1 more in the tank, 8 two more in the tank etc etc etc. Anything under a 7 basically means you found it kind of easy.


Gotcha. Seems smart. Sort of a good way to look back at your log and see how you can adjust your next session or compare how it felt. That’s brilliant.


Yer it’s not really science but it does help you adjust. Sometimes the weights just feel heavy because of fatigue or work stress or life in general. It’s not always because it’s too heavy. But if I have too many sessions where the reps are a struggle it tells me to adjust something. Eat more, sleep more, hot bath, relax, get a massage, have a deload. You get the idea. With the program the coach wants me to never miss a rep. He wants it to be hard but we are not training for failure. This helps us monitor and adjust things.


So this week I have changed my food a little. Since being on this cut I have been eating grilled chicken and veg for all my lunch meals ( 2 a day). This week I have switched back to lean beef and made a big chilli con carne. It means my fats will be up a little bit also my protien will be up a little. It will be interesting to see how I feel and what happens to the scale.


If I’m not trying to be crazy lean I find that my body digests need a little easier than chicken, and… I generally like it better. Anything is better than the no seasoning boiled chicken I’m eating now!


Woke at 81.7kg (179 lbs) feeling a little dehydrated. Sleep was not good last night, I always struggle after training. Too much caffeine!! Happy to be 179 again but more work to do this week to keep it down.


Awesome day with Jake Simo, that’s quality :slight_smile:
And then some great lifting awesome.
I use a online calculator and it says 81.7 kg - 180.1 lbs… How do you convert just multiplying with 2,2?
We’re almost identical weight wise … How low do we go?


Yes mate I just use 2.2 so not an exact number. Looking at how much fluff I still have I am thinking I need to go as low as 75kg or 165 lbs to be really lean. I only have a few weeks to go until family arrive and then the weight loss may be more difficult. I am only going to change 2 things when they are here. 1. I will eat whatever evening meal everyone is having and will try to manage the amount of carbs on my plate. 2. I will allow myself to drink some beers with my dad.
I will keep the daytime meals as they are now and may try to add some additional conditioning. Hopefully this will allow me to still drop weight slowly for a few more weeks up until May when I go on holiday. Whatever weight I get to by then will be the answer to your question as to how low I go.


Looking great simo!. All that hard work and dieting is paying off. Quads and abs out… now your just showing off :stuck_out_tongue: excellent progress


I can see the oblique lines! It looks like you’ve had a solid weekend.

I hope you can keep grinding once the family arrives. It looks like you think you’ll have to really dig deep to reach the physique you want (or think is achievable) and I’m in the same boat. My goal was 215 but I’m not sure if that’s going to be enough.

Keep it up!


It sure was further than I thought. I started at 183 and thought I’d hit the stage around 165. I’m 5 lbs past that and will still probably drop a little more. Didn’t think I had 23 lbs to loose when I started lol


If you had 23 I’ll have 53!!! :joy:


Solid plan Simo.
If you stick to it, you’ll lose a bit even when your parents are in the house.
And if you don’t, well so be it :slight_smile:
I was at 75 about 2 years ago, I found I lost a lot of strength through the last couple of kg’s.


I think if I add a little carbs for the 4 weeks my parents are here I can achieve a fuller look without adding too much fat. I can also add some more cardio work to burn a little more fat. My strength seems to be ok even with the weight loss, but I have been doing much higher rep work. I’ll check in with the coach after next week and work put what he thinks is a good plan for the 5 weeks before holiday. I am guessing it will be more volume with some lower rep or amrap stuff thrown in to spice it up!!


I have to say that I feel really good today. Muscles are sore from training but that good kind of sore that reminds you how hard you worked. Looking in the mirror I can see the difference that dropping the fat is making and I actually feel like I don’t look that bad. I have to say that today is a good day.


Hi Simo. You are kicking ass, keep up the good work.


Love it! Those days are the best. Funny how your self perception can change from day to day. Wishing you the best when family is in town. That can throw a wrench in things, but at the end of the day there isn’t anything more important than family.