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Simo’s Training Log - Dangerous Dad V 2.0



Well, that’s great for you! My leave time increases with my years of service. I’m up to 96 hours sick leave and 108 hours of vacation now. At seven years (two years away) I’ll get more. I’m not sure where it tops out but the guys who are maxed out in leave benefits have like 20-25 days of paid vacation. We get 12 holidays a year and four of those are premium days. That means you get paid overtime plus your normal rate if you work the day. If you don’t work then you get a day off sometime during the month. They also throw in two personal days for religious holidays and your birthday (our birthday used to be a holiday) and we can earn two more days off if we use less than 24 hours of sick leave in a six month period.

I get a lot of days off throughout the year but since more than half of them are holidays I can’t exactly use them when I want.

We also have minimum staffing. My Bureau has nine beats. Our minimum staffing is seven officers. Today we have five because two called in sick. Neither of them is sick which is the frustrating thing, but they can’t deny you sick leave.


Hell yea. Glad it’s almost gone


I’m pretty good on my job, at least on paper. I get 160 days per year of vacation, and like 8 sick days and federal holidays. The problem is that we’re only allowed to carry over 80 hours to the next year, and we almost always lose vacation because finding the time to actually take that many days off can be problematic. Realistically I’m doing well to get 3, maybe 4 weeks of vacation in a year, and usually 1-2 of those coincide with holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas so I’m only using 20-30 hours of vacation on those weeks, so I end up losing some. On the plus side, we’re allowed to sell vacation back to the company at half its value, as long as we do it before the year starts…


great work Simo!!


We’ve got 6 weeks paid vacation + some holidays about 8 or so depending on the day that year.
We can put a week over to the next year.


America in general is stingy with vacation days. I’m one of the lucky ones. 25 paid days, 5 sick days, 2 personal days. We don’t get all the bank holidays, but get Labor Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. So roughly 6 weeks.


I just moved from 96 hrs to 104 hrs. They give us an extra 8 hours when we reach 5 years of service. Unfortunately I work 10 hour days so that doesn’t even equal a full day off. At year 7, I’ll get 112 hrs. It keeps going up 8 hours every 1 or 2 years and tops out at 200 hours at 25 years of service.

I get 96 hrs of sick leave starting this year and it goes through year 15. Beginning year 16, I’ll get 112 hours of sick leave per year.

Sick leave continues to accumulate. Vacation is capped at 240 hours initially and I think the cap goes up over time. The stupid thing about all of this is that our senior guys are forced to take time off because they reach use or lose status, but those of us that are young don’t have any time to take off. I think young people need leave more than old people. I have young kids. 48 hrs sick leave can be wiped out quick with a sick kid (I get double that now so not as bad).

I also want to take trips with my kids and go on vacation. It sure would be nice to have 20 days off a year while they’re young. I feel like we have it backwards, but we always reward people for sticking around. It seems like everything favors seniority here. The benefits are like a participation award.


Yeah it’s tough with little kids. For a long time I didn’t have any. If I had to take a day off I just didn’t get paid. Sounds like your gonna make a jump up here soon. I’m in small business so I negotiated more vacation as opposed to more money. Time is the real commodity for me


I’m pretty lucky, I get 12 sickies a year that accumulate, and a heap of other types of days I can have, plus 12 weeks holidays, but I do end up doing some work in the holidays.
Average for here in Australia is 4 weeks annual leave and 10 sickies.


Which, if I’m not wrong, we roll over. I know a bunch of people who were sitting at something like 700 hours of holiday and 400 or so of sick leave because they didn’t take much leave for years.


Yeah, the U. S. is pretty notorious for treating workers like shit compared to the rest of the developed world. My company is a lot better than most, and they’re about to get worse since we just merged parent companies, and we’re going to lose the ability to carry over vacation, over the next few years.


Woke at 82.1kg had a little more carbs in the form of some rice with dinner so was expecting that. Damn those carbs !!


It’s crazy how more carbs can change ya appearance so quick, I ate a diff lunch and smoko this week with a heap of rice, I look much fluffier this weekend :clown_face:


Woke at 82.0kg (180) - slight drop from yesterday and ready to start another week and drop this by at least 1lb. I will be under 179 by the end of this week.


Took my son to the motocross track for the first time today. We’ve had a little PW50 for a while but it hasn’t been out of the shed for a year and the last time Jake rode it was with training wheels. Took the wife and girls so they could watch too. Jake had an amazing time, it was so good watching him ride around and learning how to control the bike. He fell off a couple of times but nothing bad. He did pin the throttle open at the end of one straights and went shooting straight over the berm. He got some good air bit managed to stay upright and there was plenty of run off for him to slow down. Mum and dad were more scared than he was.
Girls really liked watching him and were surprised by one many girls were riding. Looks like I will be buying some boots for the girls so they can ride next time too.



Sounds like a great family dY


Mon 11th March - hypertrophy block 2, week 3

Bar x 10
65 x 5
85 x 5
92.5 (203 lbs) x 10 x 5 sets RPE- 8, 8, 9, 9, 9
SS with hanging knee raise
10 x 5 sets
Hip flexors and lower back were sore tonight. Could have been standing for a long time watching Jake on the motorbike or maybe the sitting in the car driving !!!
Squats felt hard but I got through the reps so pretty happy. This has to be the most weight at volume I have possibly ever !! Quality.

Bar x 10
65 x 5
82.5 (182 lbs) x 7 x 5 sets RPE- 8, 8, 9, 9, 10 ( last rep was slooooow)
SS with band pull aparts
20 x 5 sets
Press moved ok today, trying to squeeze glutes and drive with the legs. Not really getting it. Lol !!

15 x 8 x 5 sets
Kept the rests short. These really burned tonight. I hate these !!! Lungs were puffing hard at the end.

Push ups
Max x 4 sets - 45, 23, 20, 20
SS with pull ups
5 x 4 sets
Kept rest short and went for pump here. Happy to get over 100 reps.

Hammer curls
15kg x 15 x 3 sets
SS with
Overhead tricep ext
15kg x 15 x 3 sets

Very good session tonight. Back and hips were tight so I though I was going to be in trouble with the squats but they moved fine. Was a little sore after but In the words of @MarkKO I wasn’t there to fk spiders!!

Little shot at the end of the session tonight, if I squint I think I can see where my abs should be !!!


Enter Beastmode big Mo!


Thanks @I_Luc, I really was happy with that one tonight. Just hoping that all this volume is going to add some muscle and some strength in the long run.