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Simo’s Training Log - Dangerous Dad V 2.0



I considered your twice a week training and that’s why I said to make sure to get the leisurely walks in. You’re pretty active with your family too. I just can’t imagine you on 1700 calories with your muscle mass. I don’t want to see you drive yourself into the ground by going too low.

I’ve seen a few people struggle to get back to maintenence because they crashed their metabolism and the slightest increase in calories caused weight gain.


You may be right. I have added about 25g of carbs by having some oats in the morning the last 2 days and have felt better. Hearing what you are saying, it looks like I have a little room to play with in terms of cals and carbs. I’ll add a little through the week and see what happens to the weight loss. Only a few weeks to go until I was going to increase anyway so a small adjustment now should be ok.


I think of it in cycles. 2 weeks of deficit and one week of maintenance or slightly above then repeat.


That’s certainly on the low end of the caloric spectrum, but I wouldn’t say it’s too low depending on lifestyle. @simo74 writes he has a desk job (I can relate!), so that certainly keeps the TDEE low. I don’t know how sustainable that calorie range would be, and you may not feel great, but as long as you’re training consistently with great execution, and getting your protein in, you shouldn’t be losing muscle.

IMO this wouldn’t be a concern yet. If you’re in the basement calorie level for a very extended period of time and training too much, then it might be a concern. I think for now, roll with it if you can, but if you’re feeling really rough throughout the day, it’s not worth going about your day feeling terrible unless you’re prepping for something significant.


Yeah, seriously. That is less calories than my wife used to eat and she competed at 104 pounds on stage. While I have in the past dropped some of my clients considerably low on one or two days each week, I would never feel comfortable having their typical, baseline calories anywhere near that range unless we were talking about an underweight teen or woman.

I never give advice that you should always follow 100% of the time because there are so many variables, but I will say that I am usually a fan of doing more work as opposed to slashing away calories to ridiculously low levels in order to see continual movement.



Is there a reason you dropped carbs in the first place? Just trial and error?

Last night I ate 100g of oatmeal for dinner at 8pm. It’s actually kind of nice to eat carbs in the evening. CT was right. It makes me feel more comfortable and it hasn’t affected my weight loss at all.


I love me some evening carbs, I always have carbs pre-bed, even on a cut, and even while prepping!


I just know that my body responds pretty well to adjusting carbs. I am also not a big fan of eating them. So to drop them out and just eat chicken and veggies for most meals is very easy for me. It is interest that both you and @The_Mighty_Stu feel its low, but I haven’t really noticed a big drop in energy levels and training isn’t being effected !!!


Well, @T3hPwnisher and @littlesleeper feel good and perform well on low carb/higher fat, so you’re in good company with your carb consumption.


Woke at 81.4kg today. Cold still lingering but only a stuffy nose now.

Trained tonight Friday 8th March - hypertrophy block 2 week 2

Bar x 10
65 x 5
105 x 5
112.5 x 10 x 4 sets (247 lbs) - RPE 6, 7, 7, 7
Bar moved ok just the lungs that found it hard.

Bar x 10
65 x 5
85 x 5
97.5 x 7 x 4 sets (214 lbs) - RPE 8, 8, 9, 9
Neck has been locked up all day, bar moved ok even with a jacked up neck. Third set it started to get hard, push through till the end. Lungs were puffing very hard.

Bar x 10
65 x 5
75 x 10 x 4 sets (165 lbs) RPE 8, 8, 9, 9
SS rows paused
75 x 8 x 4 sets
With every set neck is getting stiffer !! Good pump though !!

Kettle bell swings
16kg x 10 x 3 sets
SS ab roll outs (skipped these neck too sore)
10 x 3 sets
SS dumbell curls
15 x 10 x 3 sets
Nice little arm pump after these. Gotta love pumping the guns!!

Neck was all screwed up tonight. Must have slept funny or jammed it up somehow!!! Still got a nice little session in.
Celebrated with meatballs for dinner and after @JMaier31 and @The_Mighty_Stu suggested I add a little carbs I allowed myself some spaghetti to go with it tonight. It will be interesting to see how I feel and what the weight is like tomorrow.


Sorry for the late response… must have missed the tag.

I’d probably have you doing like 200 p 150-175c and like 35-40fat.

That’s more like 1900 calories. But if your loosing, still feel pretty good, and can still train hard I wouldn’t worry about it. Each individual has different metabolism. I’d die at those calories and macros. Throw in the towel and I’d be done. I probably shouldn’t say that as I might be right there next week lol.

The sedentary job and only training twice a week makes a big difference as well. I’d base it on how you feel honestly. If it’s working and you don’t feel broken don’t see a problem.

With that said if you could eat more and still make progress would that make you feel even better? Might be worth a test.

Great job man!


Extra protein routinely gets converted into carbs when your body needs them but they’re lacking in your daily nutrition.

This is why so many people thinking they’re “doing Keto” never actually reach ketosis.



Dr Atkins started this low carb nonsense (at least in my lifetime) and keto is just piggy backing on it. Why are people still listening to a guy who was obese and had poor heart health???


Woke at 81.5kg feeling pretty good. Cold had mostly gone just a little snotty this morning. Got a long weekend because Monday is a holiday, no basketball today so will have a day just chillin with the kids. We have Cricket tomorrow but other than that no plans. It will be great to have some family time where we are not rushing around. B


I’ll get a little of this next week thanks to spring break. It’ll be nice to have the same days off as them someday…someday.

Enjoy your day!


Thanks. Is spring break just school holidays that happen to be in spring !??


They get an entire week off. I’m not really sure why lol. It’s always in March which is when spring is supposed to start here.

I’m lucky that my wife is a teacher so she gets the breaks too. It’s nice to have her home since we don’t have any days off together.

One of these days I’ll have enough seniority to get some better days off.


Lol aren’t you allowed to just book leave when you want it ??


To a certain degree, yes. But I don’t get a lot. Up until my anniversary date in November I only got 96 hours of vacation and 48 hours of sick leave per year. I work 10 hour days so that’s hardly any sick leave.

I’m saving my leave and don’t have a ton right now. I think I have about seven days of sick leave and 11 days of vacation. I’m probably having at least one more surgery this year so I’ll have to take a little time off for that before I go to light duty status.

It seems to take forever to get my time off and it disappears in a flash.


Wow that is a low amount of leave. Over here to standard is 20 days annual leave a year, after 10 years at the same company you also qualify for long service leave which is usually 60 days. Jan next year I will be 10 years so could take 4 months off next year if I want to.