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Simo’s Training Log - Dangerous Dad V 2.0



Mate I haven’t had a beer since the first week of Jan. I’m off all alcohol until April.


Survived the bbq with friends today. Managed to stay within my macros by having meat and salad (no dressing) and just drink water all day. The other grown ups were smashing the Mosco Mules pretty hard. Cold is still pretty bad, nose is a little congested and throat still sore. Hopefully the antibiotics start working tonight !!! Back to work tomorrow and will hopefully feel good enough to train.


Dang, I would’ve been really tempted to smash some Moscow Mules even though I know the sugar would fuel the cold. The temporary numbness is always tempting when I have a sore throat and congestion. Way to stay strong!


Great job man not indulging when everyone else is and having a good time is always tough. Stay the course man. You’ll enjoy it more anyways once you’ve reached your goal. My go to if I drink is sort of an American mule. Whiskey (TX bourbon whisky is my fav) ginger beer, Fresca, and a little lime juice. Oh man their so good, but dangerous since their so tasty. Gotta be careful!


Occasionally I’ll get on a kick in the summer where I want to drink John Daly’s by the pool. It’s like an Arnold Palmer but with vodka. Ice tea, lemonade, and lots of vodka. So tasty… it goes down way too fast though.

@simo74, you’re doing great! All this summer talk reminded me of a pool party I attended last year. I was in my fluffy stage at the time and drinking plenty of beer. We played basketball in the pool. I think it was 4 on 4 and one of my teammates was also a bit muscular but leaner than I was. We were called the team from 300. I gotta say, man, I enjoyed that. I didn’t even think I looked good so I expect to bring an even better physique this year.

This dad bod crap needs to stop!! Dad’s can and should be freaking awesome! How else am I going to scare my daughter’s future boyfriends??? She’ll be six this month and she is way too cute. Last week a boy’s mom brought the boy and her a Happy Meal for lunch. Why is a boy giving my daughter lunch in kindergarten!?


Just wait man! Just wait. I’ve lucked out and mine are super smarty pants kids who loath the popular crowd. The boys that run with them are pretty ok in my book. Dorky, but will probably end up as quality adults.

Here they are on family vacay. Man being a Dad is cool


Haha that’s so funny dude. I love how every dad on Tnation is trying to get scary big. If I have a daughter, I’m probably going to do the exact same thing. I would gradually increase my bodyweight from 175 to a 225 target set at the time she is at dating age. Some cool tattoos and an eyepatch probably wouldn’t hurt either :joy:


Having awesome mature kids that don’t feel the “peer pressure” to conform and do stupid shit is priceless. Means you are doing a great job man! Mine are all in college or my baby graduates next year from high school. Almost time to have my wife all to myself again. Good times!


I already have a good start on the tattoos. I got my upper left arm and shoulder covered last year. They just changed our policy at work to allow visible tattoos!!! I never planned to get a lot of tattoos but they’re addictive. I’ll probably finish my arm off and do a sleeve, but just the left one.

I have the American Flag in black and gray with the Thin Blue Line on my shoulder/arm. I’m thinking about doing an Eagle on my forearm as well as The Ten Commandments spread all around to fill up any empty space.

I love this country but I fear that it’s falling apart. I love the freedom that the flag and eagle represent. And I fear that The Ten Commandments might be banned someday so I’m going to make sure people are reminded of them :wink:

Sorry for the patriotic tangent, Simo!


No need to apologise mate. This is an inclusive training log. All comments, stories, rants and diatribes welcome.


They did smell real good. But luckily the boys and girls who came round are very chilled and just accepted that I was off it. No one waved it under my nose.


Woke at 82.9kg - I knew that was coming, antibiotics combined with too many chicken wings yesterday. I’m not worried though it will go back down.


That sounded very hard to do mate skipping the food. I’m sure the smell was challenging. Not sure I would of had the inner strength like you to decline lol


I forgot to mention that my daughter (7) had her best game of basketball on Saturday morning. They won 12 - 6 but wasn’t the best bit. I have been trying to get her to dribble the ball for weeks. She does it in training but in a game she freezes and before she can move or pass the ball she is surrounded by players. On Saturday it just clicked for her. When she got the ball in her own third she just moved and dribbled the ball the full length of the court, even got a shot off. For the whole game she was either blocking, stealing or dribbling and passing. Starting to thing that one day she might be able to shoot like @JMaier3


Man, I hope not! My shot is a bit ugly and it hasn’t been going in much lately :smile: There’s a reason being powerful and explosive is so important to me - it’s what I bring to the gym. I get rebounds, set screens, and score off of cuts. It’s not often that I actually create offense.

That’s awesome that she’s growing as a player. Soon we’ll be hearing stories about her dropping double digits on the opposing team.


I really hope she gets that good. Mostly I just want her to enjoy it and learn how to play as a team and feel the desire to win and compete. I think she will be tall like her mum (5ft 10) so this game should suit her. The best thing was that lately she has been saying she wasn’t going to sign up for the winter season but after Saturday she was deff going to keep playing.


Make sure she learns that part of playing with the team is taking open shots!

I nearly quit basketball after 7th grade. I was a sub and came off the bench. I was awkward and wasn’t very successful. I barely decided to try it again in 8th grade and everything went much better. I was a starter. I could score. I even hit a game winning shot at the buzzer. Sticking with it was definitely a good thing. It turned out to be my favorite sport.


The best Moscow mules are made with fresh ginger, fresh lime juice, soda water and a little simple syrup, a lot less calories than using ginger beer, and you actually get some nutritional value with the ginger and fresh lime juice. The wife got me a set of copper mule cups last Christmas, and we’ve put them to good use a few times. I can see @jackolee 's idea of using Bourbon being good, too. Bourbon is my kryptonite/alcohol of choice.


So I missed training tonight, still
Full of cold so decided to wait one more day to let the antibiotics do their thing. Hopefully will feel a bit better tomorrow and can get a solid session in.


Live to fight another day mate.