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Simo’s Training Log - Dangerous Dad V 2.0



Nice dude. You got this. Hope you budgeted some cals for birthday cake :joy:


That’s the perk of not really having a deadline. June 1 is the cutoff of the T-ransformation Challenge but I think I’ll hit my goal before that. A cheat here and there won’t hurt me and it helps keep me sane.

You, on the other hand, can’t afford to waste a day here and there.




BUT @JMaier31 is on it for another 3 months.
You only have 2 weeks and you’ll have to eat more up to the event.
And then it’s payback time :slight_smile:


Woke at 81.5kg (179 lbs). Not sure is this is the training, the cold, the hot night or all three combined but I’ll take it. This is the lightest I have been for a long while. Still a way to go get the fat off my waist.


Lol I actually didn’t have any cake. I used my macros to eat the small amount of pizza and it was good. :sunglasses:


On a roll mate :slight_smile:


Simo’s Kicking ass and taking names! Congrats bro


Thanks @Rizla81 and @jackolee - I am feeling like cack today. Cold is worse, theorist is very sore and nose is running like a tap. Your encouragement is much appreciated and made me feel a little better.


My son had his first gymnastics class today. Today was a trial to see if he likes it. He had a great time and now definitely wants to keep doing it. Looks like I will be spending my saturdays at a different type of gym.


Best sport ever!


what’s that now 2-3 days with the cold ? Probably peaking around now and will start to fade out. Hope you’re over it soon mate.


I fkn hope so. I hate being sick


Lol I thought you might say that


This cold is really kicking the shit out of me today. Throat is not happy at all. Luckily I have a repeat prescription from the throat infection I had 3 months ago, so I got my self some antibiotics and will hopefully get rid of this thing quickly.


That sucks! I wish they’d let us have refills on antibiotics. Every time I’m sick I have to spend $25 for an office visit just to tell them I’m sick. Only then will they call in a prescription. It’d be nice to have one on standby. I prefer to be able to go to the cabinet for my meds when I need them instead of the store, or doctor’s office and then store.


Get better soon Simo :slight_smile:


Get better soon big Mo, take it easy on the iron once you feel like moving weight too.


Woke at 82.1kg but feeling like crap. Very dehydrated and aching all over. We have friends coming over this afternoon for a bbq, so I’ll be cooking in 35+ degrees, hopefully it will help me sweat it out a bit. Really hoping the drugs start working today and tomorrow I wake up feeling more human.


Just stay hydrated. Sweet tea. Also get better. Stay off the beer.