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Simo’s Training Log - Dangerous Dad V 2.0



But I’m already jacked


Don’t think that’s the trick bro! Haha. How much fat do you eat. For me I either gotta cut carbs or cut fat. I find cutting fat is much easier. I don’t go over 50 grams a day and really Tory to stick more to like 35 when cuttimg


I eat a lot of fatty cuts of meat and a fair amount of junk food per week. So yeah quite a bit

Carbs a fair amount but I can cut back on it easily enough. Just not have a bucket of rice with everything.


Woke at 82.2kg after a shite night of sleep. Body feeling good, little doms from Monday but nothing bad enough to impact on Friday’s session.


I just realised that I forgot to update you all on the mother in law situation. Well she flew home on Thursday last week. Coming home that night was so good. The house literally felt twice the size and like a pressure valve had been let off. The kids were better behaved, the wife was happier and life began to flow like a calm stream once again. I am sure most of this is in my neurotic head but I don’t care as life is good again. The wife and I are actually talking again and everything feels easy.
It’s great to have family visit, especially for the kids to spend time with their grandparents. But when they leave I realise how lucky we are to live on the other side of the world. Does that make me a bad son? Maybe. But I can live with that.


Everything is great in small doses they say lol. I’d be highly anxious when folks staying at my house. It can feel chaos. I’m sure being your parents you love them dearly, but you sound like a man that likes his own routine and peace. That’s a bit like myself. That wouldn’t make you a bad son though.


Same. Even now eating a ton of everything I try to stay sub 130 grams of fat a day at the absolute most.


You’re fine mate, I’m sure most people are like that with a member or two of their family.
I try to avoid spending to much time around my own mother lol


I can handle my mother in law for about 3 says max at a time. We’re still good sons lol


I don’t know how you survived, my mother in law lives just around the corner, she’s pretty cool, but, does the ‘pop in’ which I freaking hate!


Mate by the end I was going crazy and me and the misses ended up having a good old barney. Thought she might kick me out for a few mins!!!


Eldest daughter (9) had sparing at karate tonight. She copes a good kick in the face which I could tell hurt her. It is supposed to not be full contact but the boy she was fighting didn’t control the kick and she wasn’t fast enough to block or move. He made sure she was ok and said sorry but I could tell she was a little upset. Luckily it doesn’t seem to have put her off and just gives us some work to do on her guard position and foot work.


I was taking my daughter to Dutch kickboxing, she loved it until she looked over at me whilst sparring and took a solid punch to the face. She didn’t want to know after that.


Woke at 82.1kg (180.6lbs) getting very close to the 170’s now.


That’s awesome man! Love it when you can change number two as well as number 3. You doing cardio on top of lifting and dieting? Glad you survived the mother in law.


Friday 1st March - hypertrophy block 2 - week 1

Bar x 10
65 x 5
107.5 (236 lbs) x 10 x 3 sets RPE - 7, 7, 6
First set was double overhand grip but fingers were slipping near the end. Very hot and sweaty which didn’t help. Switched to alt grip for last 2 sets.

Bar x 10
65 x 5
85 x 5
97.5 (214 lbs) x 7 x 3 sets RPE- 8, 8, 8
It was so hot today I was dripping everywhere. Squats were hard but given how hot it was they moved ok.

Bar x 10
65 x 8
72.5 (160 lbs) x 10 x 3 sets RPE - 8, 8, 9
SS with
Rows paused at top
72.5 x 8 x 3 sets
Supersetting these was as hard as ever. Lungs puffing hard at the end and puddles on the floor.

Kettle bell swings
16 kg x 10 x 3 sets
SS with
Ab roll outs
10 x 3
SS with barbell curls
15kg x 25 x 3 sets

Looks like I’ve managed to pick up a cold virus. Woke with a sore throat and it got steadily worse throughout the day. Didn’t effect my training too much other than making me sweat even more. Overall a good session. Strength felt ok even with the lower bodyweight. The cold didn’t really effect the session but after I felt very wobbly.

It was my sons birthday today so I treated myself to a small piece of his leftover pizza… it was gooooooood


Great session mate and happy birthday son. I hate having the cold, it fairly knocks ones pan in and that’s without the workouts lol


Picked up a cold in the middle of summer, haha. Poor bugger, it def feels worse when it’s hot.
These heatwaves have been fucked this year hey, we always see them raving on about Melbourne having 35 on the news when we’ve had over 40 for days on end, haha.


Awesome workout Simo, well done.
Happy birthday to your son.


Hope your son has an awesome birthday! Looks like you and @JMaier31 enjoyed some pizza. Well guess what… my egg whites were delicious!