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Simo’s Training Log - Dangerous Dad V 2.0



It’s funny you say that @jackolee. I coach the little kids cricket (age 5 and 6). It’s lots of basic skills, throwing, catching, batting and bowling etc. Most of the drills we do are fast and fun and parents can get involved too. It always amazes me how many parents get a coffee and stand looking at their phones rather than get involved with their kids. Some even drop and go and pick them up an hour later. I really don’t get why you wouldn’t want to spend a beautiful morning in the sun playing with your son or daughter. The ones that do get involved always say how good it was after and their kids improve the most by far.


Woke at 82.1kg (180 lbs). Getting close to the 170’s now. Can really feel the difference in him my clothes fit. Pants are loose round the waist and I need to go back to my smaller belt.


Both you and Steve are losing rightly. Good going bud


Nice! My measurements confirmed what I already knew - my rear end has shrunk. My fatter rear actually helped hold my duty belt in place. I might try to build that back up. I’m not sure if I lost muscle from the rest (leg training) or if it was just fat all along.


Probably mostly fat mate !!! At least I am sure that is the case with me


Well, that fat can stay and I’ll trade my love handles and back fat!


I’m hearing you, it would be so good to be able to spot reduce. When you figure out how to do it, let me know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Funny how it hangs on in different places for different people. Right now I measure 4mm on stomach, but if you pinch lower back on the sides it’s probably 12. Unfortunately is just distributed how it’s gonna and not a damn thing you can do about it but keep pushing


It really does suck because the place you want to look lean is usually the place that’s most stubborn. That pretty much means that you’ll never get the look you want because it will require single digit body fat and that’s no way to live.


@JMaier31 and @jackolee The thing I find really hard is that as I lose weight I go from looking good and feeling good in a shirt (but not so good out of it), to looking skinny in a shirt (but better with it off). What I really want is to lose fat without losing size as to replace it instantly with more muscle.


Loads of people say you can’t do it, but that’s exactly what I did over the past two years. Started about 160, went to 180. Cut to 170. Hung out between 170 and 180 for the better part of a year and then cut down to 165. The 165 me is carrying probably 20 more lbs of muscle and 10 lbs less fat than the 160 lb me. It’s almost like I did a series of mini bulks and cuts.

Granted I definately give some credit to being on TRT and sermorelin. I don’t offer go into superphusiological ranges, but optimal hormone levels give an advantage for sure


Actually my legs hold fat like the devil even when I’m at my leanest and I don’t give a flying fuck about how shredded they are lol. I’m always wearing tights or pants anyways to hide em


What protein should I take to make this magic happen


2 years ago I was down to 75 kg - 165 lbs and I was skinny like hell, probably single digit fat measures, I could see almost all my abs, but the where still a bit of stomach fat. I had veins on my arms and legs… but damn it was all bones and tendons.
Right now I’ve lost some weitht too, but my stomach is my stubborn part, as a matter of fact it’s the only place that has to much fat. I’ve got skinny legs, arms, shoulders ass, neck and back. But everything just packs around my stomach. The veins has disappeared from my arms and legs. But they still look skinny.
Btw happy cake day Simo.




Not sure what it’s called but pretty sure you inject it!!!


Bit more conditioning tonight. 10 x 2 min rounds on the heavy bag with 30 sec rest. My boy came and did some tonight but got bored after about 5 rounds so went back inside to play on his iPad (huh kids today). Energy levels felt ok for the first few rounds but by the seventh I was done. Last three were not pretty.


Sounds dangerous to have Whey injected in you but if you say so. Tune in to my log to find out how it goes


It will be fine just Inject it under the muscle like synthol!!!


Expecting to see jacked guinea pig within the week