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Simo’s Training Log - Dangerous Dad V 2.0



Thanks for the well wishes guys. They finally discharged him a bit after 11pm and they got home around midnight. He seems ok this morning, still had a bad cough but breathing was better.
As far at the carbs went, I woke at 82.7kg so real gain but I was very dehydrated this morning. I think staying up late and not getting sleep didn’t help. Had to get up early to take my daughter to basketball this morning so didn’t even catch my reflection this morning.


Short nights of sleep seem to deprive the body of its chance to do whatever it does at night that results in weight loss. My morning weigh-in was more like a mid-day weigh-in based on how I looked in the mirror. I expected it to be that way with four hours of sleep.


My Friday routine got messed up with my son going to hospital so I missed my deload workout. Not going to lose any sleep over it, I’ll do some conditioning tomorrow and start the new block on Monday. Body is probably happy to have the extra rest anyway.


Really glad jake is getting better!


Thanks Duke. It’s amazing how quick they bounce back. He wa almost his normal energetic and annoying self yesterday. Lol


That’s great. He’ll be back to annoying his dad in no time


Kids are amazing like that hey, especially when they’re little, they’re very resilient.


Had a pretty good family day today. Had cricket this morning with all the kids, which gave the wife some time to herself. Amazing day, 30 degrees, clear blue sky’s and barely a breath of wind.
Got back home and did the usual jobs, washing the misses car, washing my motorbike and a few jobs in the garden.
Had a movie afternoon with the kids and then an early dinner. Didn’t do my usual boxing today but figured I’d done enough moving around anyway.

Food hasn’t been as good today, I wouldn’t say I fell off the wagon as such. But the wagon did hit a pothole and it bounced me out of the seat. Had a sandwich for lunch which was the first bread in 6 weeks and then had chicken stir fry with egg noodles for dinner. On the plus side I did grill all my chicken and cook up some cabbage so my meals for the week are ready to go.

Next 4 week hypertrophy block starts tomorrow. It is basically a repeat of the last 4 weeks but weights are a little higher.
The first week is lowest in volume and weight so by expecting it to be too hard, but I know the last week is going to hurt.

5 weeks to go till my parents visit then the diet is off. Time to get busy.


It’s clear who wears the trousers in your home simo :joy:

Sounds like you had a great day bud, lovely weather, family time. Them sort of things are priceless.

5 weeks now to get the head down. Surprise yourself what a good 5 weeks of diet and training can do. Have a good one man


You are not wrong there, but only because it’s always so warm down under that o wear shorts all year round. Lol


Grrr! I only get to wear shorts about 2 days a year. The other days it’s a wetsuit I would need. Lol


Made me smile man :slight_smile:

@simo74 it wasn’t a pothole, maybe some gravel, but not more. One day doesn’t throw the wagon out of course.
Might be a bit heavy tomorrow but it’s just glycogen building up.


I’m sure you are right. The weight gain isn’t my main worry. It’s more the fact that I let myself break the diet and not stick to what my plan is. In the long run a bit of carbs this weekend isn’t a problem, but the fact it was so easy to break the plan is the thing I struggle with the most. 6 weeks on around 50 grams of carbs a day wasn’t that hard for me, but breaking it was very easy!!!


I get you.
A very strict plan, for me that is very strict, is easy to break.
I would probably have said that once every week I could go over if the right conditions were there.
But that’s me I don’t like really strict diets, unless I was on my own for a period of time. Were I could dedicate everything for it.
You just get back on track Mate.


Dang, that’s brutal! I haven’t been restricting carbs but I’ve been eating chicken and veggies instead of my usual chicken and potatoes or rice and it’s made a big difference in my macros. I’m falling short of 200g most days and that’s low for me. Friday night I ate a piece of bread with dinner just to get some carbs post workout. I didn’t even put butter or anything on it.


Damn dude that’s crazy. I’d be shaking if I didn’t have my carb fix every day :joy: no worries about your little cheat meal. I was reading that if it’s an isolated event, you can expect approximately 0.2 lbs (0.09 kg) of fat gained per 1000 calories above maintenance


Woke at 83.4kg, so the weekend wasn’t a complete write off. Still in track and losing over 600g a week. New hypertrophy block starts today, time to get busy again.


Mon 25th Feb - 2nd Hypertrophy block (4weeks) week 1

Bar x 10
65 x 5
87.5 x 10 x 3 sets - RPE 7, 7, 7
SS with knee raises 10 x 3 sets.
Legs felt ok but lungs felt like they would break. I hate these !!!

Bar x 10
65 x 5
77.5 x 7 x 3 sets RPE 7, 7, 7
SS with band pull aparts
20 x 3 sets
Paused reps on bench, a little slow but moved ok.

Bulgarian split squats
10kg dumbell each hand - 8 reps per leg - 3 sets
Nice little pump but horrible as usual.

Push up
Max x 3 sets - 42, 28, 22
SS with
Pull ups - wide grip
Max x 3 sets - 7, 7, 7
Back could have done more pull ups but was so out of breath had to stop.

Hammer curls
12.5kg x 15 x 3 sets
SS with overhead tricep extension
12.5kg (one dumbell) x 20 x 3 sets
Massive arm pump, Quality.

It was 35 degrees today and that heated the shed up real good!!
Good session tonight, weights weren’t too hard and reduced volume will help the body be ready for the next session. These four weeks are going to be good, I can feel it already.
Was happy with the pump tonight and even saw a little shoulder vein action after. Quality.


Woke at 82.4kg this morning with a mouth like Gandhi’s flip flop !! Very bad nights sleep last night, think the pre workout had an effect !!! Weight still dropping but guessing a little of this is water.


It’s refreshing to see Dads who live for their family. I run a kid focused business and I see families all the time who come for years and I’m those years I’ll never see Dad. Why have kids if your not gonna spend time with them?