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Simo’s Training Log - Dangerous Dad V 2.0

Or a knee in the groin !!

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So I’ve been catching up on all the logs and some YouTube vids whilst relaxing by the pool or on the beach (when I’m not running around with the kids). I’m not really missing training as in I want to go tomorrow, but I can’t wait to get back to the gym and start a new training block. Reading everyone else’s effort and PR’s is very motivating and I am getting pumped to start hitting it hard again.


And just think how fresh your gonna be after some solid time off! Enjoy man. Hope the rest of your trip is awesome.

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Flew back to Melbourne today. It was a little sad to say goodbye to mum and dad but it is good to be home. Quiet evening tonight then straight back into normal life tomorrow. Gymnastics for my son and daughter and all the usual chores for me. Sunday we are going to have a movie afternoon and then Monday it’s back to work, daughters karate and my training. I’ll just move some weight for some reps this week and hopefully the DOMs won’t be too bad.


For my next training block I will be doing a repeat of the medium intensity block I see before my break. I’ll do an extra week at the start with some lighter weights to get the body back into training and then start the program the following week.


Looks like I’ve bought a little bit of Bali belly home with me. Spent a fair bit of the day on the dunny. Should help me lose a little holiday weight quickly !!!

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Ouch, a day or 2 with the squirts is no bloody fun.

I have doubled that up with some sort of fever. Joints all achy as fk and coughing like 40 a day smoker !!


Until this comment, I had no idea what he was talking about.

That sucks, Simo! Sorry, buddy.


I was wondering about the dunny as well :slight_smile:
Sorry mate. Getter better in a hurry, or you end up lighter than me.

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Dunny, bog, shitter, loo. All the same thing :+1:


Monday 20th May - new medium intensity block. Week 0 just doing a primer as it’s first week back from holidays.

Bar x 10
65 x 5
85 x 5
65 x 8 x 3 sets
SS sit ups
10 x 3 sets
Kept it light today as first session back. Everything moved well, legs a little crampy by the end.

Bar x 10
65 x 5
85 x 5 moved ok
67.5 x 8 x 3 sets
SS band pull aparts- lots
These moved well. The down sets were light so moved them nice and quick.

Bodyweight x 7 x 4 sets
Didn’t rest on these, good leg and lung pump!!

Push up - on handles
Max x 3 sets - 35, 20, 18
SS pull ups
5 x 3 sets

Felt like shite all day, coughing all day and chesty as hell. But there was no way I was missing training tonight. All done in 45 mins. Every moved ok, I lightened the weights a little as it was the first session back. It will be interesting to see how sore I am tomorrow.


Woke at 81.4kg - 179lbs
I can’t believe that I came back from 10 days in Bali and managed to stay under 180lbs !!! I think the two days with diarrhoea and this fking cold has probably helped reduce the weight.
Although it’s pretty normal for me to start losing weight when I’m not training so not really that surprised.
I shall play with my good a little for the next few weeks and try and work out my current maintenance level. From there I’ll increase it a few hundred calories and hopefully slowly build some muscle without getting too fat. I’m going to try and keep protien a little higher than last year probably around 200g a day.


Weight 82kg
Maintenance 2584 calories
Add 300 for slow gain, I will aim for approx 2884 a day. This will be broken down into:

200g protien = 800 calories
325g carbs = 1300 calories
90g fat = 900 calories
2900 cals

If I’m not gaining on this then I’ll add more carbs.

Now I just need to map out the food portions that will hit those numbers. Time to get out the menu books !!!

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So if my calcs are right my eating going forward will look something like this:

Daily target:
200g protien = 800 calories
325g carbs = 1300 calories
90g fat = 900 calories
2900 cals

Breakfast options

2 weetbix milk - 45c 1F 13P
With Protein shake (250 milk) - 12C 4F 54 P
Total 57C 5F 67P = 551c

6 eggs - 4C 27F 34P = 395

Lunch 1
200g chicken and veg and 125g rice - 96C 1F 60P = 633c
Lunch 2
Chilli and rice 135C 40F 60P 1140c
Total lunches = 231C 41F 120P = 1773c
Dinner will be a daily surprise to keep
It interesting!!

Egg day:
Breakfast 4C 27F 34P = 395c
Lunch = 231C 41F 120P = 1773c
Total 235C 68F 154P = 2168c
That leaves me: 90C 22F 46P 732c for dinner.

Weetbix day
Breakfast 57C 5F 67P = 551c
Lunch = 231C 41F 120P = 1773c
Total 288C 46F 187P = 2324
That leaves me: 37C 54F 13P 576c for dinner.

Dinner will be whatever the wife cooks. I’ll just adjust the portion to suit and supplement with peanut butter and natural yogurt if I need more.


I tried it last year @JMaier31 tried it as well. Be careful Simo.
I ended up 10 kg heavier Now I’m even lighter than a year ago, and not feeling like I’ve added as much as one gram of muscles.


Thanks for the caution. I’m ok if I gain more weight than muscle, as long as it comes with PRs. I’ll cut again next year if I need to.


The secret weapon to weight gain is PB and Honey sandwiches


I use PB, natural yogurt and honey desert !!

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I eat cheeseburgers. I grill three to four pounds at a time. Each patty is 1/3 lb.

I make my burger and wrap it in foil like the fast food joints and take it to work in my lunch. I don’t understand why more people don’t do that. I seem to be the only one.

I do the same with chicken and I’ve started doing chicken wraps. I love having handheld protein while I’m at work.