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Similar to Beach Body 531


Really enjoyed Jim's Beach Body Challenge, finished 6 weeks, now on deload, wanted to program something similar but with some benching as well. Thoughts?

3/5/1 Squat, FSL 3x5-8
Hang Cleans 2 sets, combined total reps for PR (70%,65%.75% depending on week)
Press 50 reps (@70%,65%,75%, depending on week)
Assistance: Neck Harness, Curls

Deadlift 3's pro, TM x 1 or 2 singles
Squat 3's pro
Bench 3/5/1, FSL 5x5-8
Assistance: Neck Flex and Rows

Hang Clean 3/5/1, FSL 3x5-8
Press 3/5/1, FSL 3x5-8
Squat 1 set for rep PR (70%,65%,75%, depending on week)
Assistance Neck Harness and Rope Pullups

Any thoughts on volume or lack thereof appreciated.