Silvie's T-ransformation Log

Starting log for the T-ransformation 2024 Challenge.

My goal: get leaner while keeping as much muscle as possible.

Photos: 01/01/2024 @TrainForPain

Weight: 92 kg


Awesome to have you! Let’s go!

Great to see you jump on board the challenge. Good luck.

Welcome to the T-ransformation challenge and logging here! (I’m assuming you haven’t logged here before.)

Training: 30 min LISS cardio on treadmill
DeFranco Upper Six

120 g chicken breast ham, 1 tbls olive oil, 100 g cooked rice, 200 g carrrot, peas and corn

120g tuna (no oil), 3 rice crackers, 200g cucumber

120 g chicken breast, 1.5 tbls olive oil, 150 g carrot, 50 g onion

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Squat: 2x5 20kg, 1x3 40kg, 5x5 51kg
Bench press: 1x5 20kg, 5x5 24kg
Pendlay rows: 1x5 30kg, 5x5 32kg
Trying to do triceps dips 5 times, did not managed to do any
Skullcrushers: 2x8 10kg
DeFranco’s Limber 11

150g minced chicken, 100g broccoli, 50g tomato, 1 tbls olive oil
150g ham, 80g tomato, 33g french baguette

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30 min LISS cardio 4.5km/h

120g ham, 80g tomato, 100g cucumber, 30g baguette
120g chicken breast, 50 g sweet potato, 170g carrot, 30g apple, 1 tbls olive oil

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Squat: 2x5 20kg, 1x3 40kg, 5x5 52.5 kg
Overhead press: 5x5 22.5kg
Deadlift: 1x5 40kg, 1x5 55kg

Deadhangs: max 1 second
Biceps curls: 10kg

Glute bridges: 3x 30s
Hip Thrusts: 5x10 45kg
Leg press (inclined): 5x10 70kg
Glute kickback: 3x10 20kg
Deadhangs max 3s

Squat: 2x5 20kg, 1x3 40kg, 5x5 54kg
Benchpress:1x5 20kg, 5x5 25kg
Pendlay row: 1x5 20kg, 5x5 33kg
Skullcrushers 2x8 12kg
Triceps dips, no progress so far

Squat: 2x5 20kg, 1x3 40kg, 5x5 55kg
Overhead press: 5x5 23.5kg
Deadlift 1x5 40kg, 1x5 57.5kg
Deadhangs: max 25 second
Bicepscurls: 15kg

Glute Bridges 3x 30s
Hip Thrusts 5x10 50kg
Leg press 5x10 80kg
Glute kickbacks 5x10 27.5 kg (each leg separately)
Deadhangs: 20 s


Squat: 2x5 20kg, 1x3 40kg, 5x5 56kg
Benchpress:1x5 20kg, 5x5 26kg
Pendlay row: 1x5 20kg, 5x5 34kg
Skullcrushers 2x8 13kg
Triceps dips, no progress so far

Squat: 2x5 20kg, 1x3 40kg, 5x5 57kg
Overhead press: 5x5 24.5kg
Deadlift 1x5 40kg, 1x5 60kg
Deadhangs: max 30 second
Bicepscurls: 16kg

Squat: 2x5 20kg, 1x3 40kg, 5x5 58kg
Benchpress:1x5 20kg, 5x5 27kg
Pendlay row: 1x5 20kg, 5x5 35kg
Skullcrushers 2x8 14kg
Triceps dips, no progress so far

Weight: 90.5kg - My plan was to loose 1kg/per week and as this marks the second week of training, I am behind my goal.


Weight loss is not always linear. Just keep working, and focus on progressing. Am extra rep here and there or some more movement through the day.
Obviously if there is anything junky in your diet then it’s time to drop it.

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1kg/week is very aggressive weight loss. If you lose 0.5kg/week, you’ll lose around 10kgs by the end of May. If you’re losing fat and retained fluid and building muscle, you’ll have a dramatic body recomposition.


1 apple
2 eggs 50g bell pepper 1tbls sunfluwer oil
10 nachos chips
2 tacos with salsa + salad, 2 tbls guacamole
1 latte 250ml


I just recovered from a sinus infection, so I can empathize with getting sick. Hang in there!

Do you think this is sustainable for you?

If not, any chance you can introduce lean proteins and veggies into the mix? They will help with satiety.

Hi, yeah I am finally feeling better for more than just few days :smiley:

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Oh, that was not the optimal day and I know it, yeah I’ll need to focus on more protein and some lettuce.

So after being on/off sick for more than 1 month I believe I am finally fine. That’s the good news. Bad news is that my regime sucked and I did not consistently exercise at all. That said I need to get back on track and probably work on my diet a bit. I’ll put here some of my food and my plan later tomorrow, as it will take me some time to write it all down here.

Also I’ll go the the gym tomorrow so I’ll probably include my training log here also.


Now as my main goal is weight loss, I have some bad news here, for the past month it took me usually more than 8 days to loose 0.5kg and as I had trouble exercising I believe some part of that was also muscle. I am currently at 86.5kg. I want to change that so I can look better.

So for the food: what I noticed from my logging my food is that there are few main problems the main one is inconsistency with what/when I eat. While I usually have no problem with the amount of protein I eat. There are basically two types of days, either I eat more fat or I eat more carbs than I should, while I typically struggle with the veggies.

Based on the above, I need to get more consistent - i.e. stick to smaller variety of foods that I know will fit into my meal plan and basically cook every meal I have as I was struggling with this a bit.

Well, now for the meal plan update…

Meal n.1:
120 g protein
150 g vegetables
200 ml milk

Meal n.2:
120 g protein + oil to prepare the meat
150 g vegetables
80 g carbs

Meal n.3:
120g protein + oil to prepare the meat
150 g vegetables
80 g carbs

Meal n.4.: ONLY after weight training:
120g protein + oil to prepare the meat
80g carbs

1 pc of fruit
30g cheese

For now, I’d like to try this approach for a week, se what are the results and adjust based on this. So starting from tomorrow I’ll be posting all of my meals here as I woke up really late today and I won’t be able to do everything the right way…

Now for the training:
I am still doing Stronglifts 5x5 and while I had to do several deloads because of sicknesses during the winter I am back on track there:

Squat: 57kg
Bench press: 25 kg
Deadlift: 57,5 kg
Barbell row: 30 kg
Overhead Press: 21 kg

At the end of April I’d like to get to at least:
Squat: 70 kg
Bench press: 32 kg
Deadlift: 72,5 kg
Barbell row: 37 kg
Overhead Press: 27 kg

I’ll also try to do LISS cardio on my off day either 30mins on treadmill or a walk with similar pace.

I’ll keep you updated on how that’s going :smiley: But do you have any tips for me @QuadQueen , @Andrewgen_Receptors ?


I think it’s awesome that you’re so self-aware and realize that you need to change something to get the aggressive results that you want.

I will say that a loss of 0.5 kg in 8 days is not insignificant! If you can lose an average of 1-2 pounds/week, that’s healthy. If you get too aggressive, that’s when you start losing muscle.

Your plan isn’t too bad - try it for a week and post everything here so we can help if needed. I would say a couple easy cuts would be the 200 ml of milk in meal 1 and if you’re using whole milk, switch it out to 1% or skim; also, decrease carbs at your meals to 45 grams/meal (3 carb exchanges). That’s more than plenty in a weight loss scenario. And finally, if the meat you’re eating has naturally occurring fat (isn’t super lean, like chicken breast or white fish) then don’t add additional oil to cook it. Even if it’s super lean, you can prepare it without additional oil.

If you don’t see the results you want, implement some of the above changes and your weight should start moving down much more quickly!


Thanks for the reply! Just to clarify few things - I am planning on using 1.5% milk and for the carbs that is like the full amount like, for example 80g of cooked rice. And sure, what you are saying about the oil makes sense, I’ll try to implement that asap, but mostly I am eating chicken breast or 95% chicken ham.