Silvie's 5x5 Log

So, starting my first training log. Yay :slight_smile:
I am at about 100kg at 176cm. I would like to get stronger and gain muscle while also continuing with low carb diet.
I just started Stronglifts 5x5 program and I want to continue with the reduction diet. My plan is to do the classical trainings A - Squat, Bench Press, Barbell Row and B - Squat, Overhead Press, Deadlift on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with cardio day on Saturday. For the cardio I am doing High Intensity Interval Training.


Just adding a link to my previous question


Squat: 40kg
Overhead Press: 20kg
Deadlift: 30kg

Glute Bridges: 3x10 20kg

With squats felt as usual, struggled a bit with Overhead Press - must work on form and stabilize better, deadlift was ok. The glute bridges were exhausting, but managed all 3 series.


nice work today!

I saw your question thread and was hoping you’d start a log! Lots of helpful people in these parts :).

Happy lifting !

Squat: 42,5 kg
Bench Press: 32,5 kg
Barbell Row: 30 kg

Glute Bridges 3x10 20kg

Squats fell okay, like usual.
Bench was really challenging, as I have problem pushing just upwards and I am pushing pit towards my lower body. The first one to two pushes of the series were okay, but after that it grew harder, and in one of the series I managed to lift only once :confused:
The Barbell was fine, it felt pretty “easy” after the bench press.
Glute bridges were a bit better then last time,


Squat: 45kg
Overhead Press: 10kg
Deadlift: 35kg
Glute Bridges: 3x10 20kg

Squats felt really easy today, much easier then last time even with the increased weight.
With the Overhead pressm I worked with just 10 kg and made some improvement on my technique, it got better but there is still room to improve it.
Deadlift was fine, not too hard.

Glute bridges were better, going to increase the weight next time.


So since the middle of June I have lost 12 kg, I was going to gym till early August, then I stopped and started again at the end of October. While at first the weight loss was steady, then it slowed down and since I started to work out again but I am not loosing weight anymore.

Is this normal? Should I eat less?

Not enough info.

What do you weigh now?

How many calories are you eating per day?

What is your tdee?

Are you logging, weighing and measuring all your food?

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Did you gain any back when you stopped going to the gym?

Squat 47,5 kg
Bench Press: 30 kg
Barbell Row: 30 kg

Felt little of the whole day and so I was tired after the first two series of squats. Still managed to finnished but with a bit less on Bench and Barbell Row, but I improved my technique significantly.



I weight 100 kg right now and no, I am not measuring my food, but I’ll start logging it and will post it here.

And for the tdee the estimate is about 2,500 calories per day.

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About 0.5 to 1 kg

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If you are not losing weight the the answer is yes. You need to be in a deficit to lose weight. It comes down to calories in vs calories out. There comes a point when the scale weight is not so important but I am guessing bodyfat is on the high side right now?


Squats: 50 kg
Overhead Press: 20kg
Deadlift: 40kg
Hip Thrusts: 3x10 40kg

Today I felt much better and even improved my technique with overhead press so I was able to lift for the whole 5 series. Squats and deadlift were ok.

3 tacos: 2 with beef, guacamole and salsa, 1 with chicken, peppers, onion guacamole and salsa
small beef wrap with lettuce and cheese,
chicken with lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes



Squat 52,5 kg
Bench Press: 32.5 kg
Barbell Row: 32.5 kg

Managed to tweak my technique a bit today, so that the last rep of squats felt pretty good, also the bench press, while not perfect improved a bit, so I managed it. The biggest difference was with the barbell row as that one felt really easy even after I was tired after the Bench.

2x protein shake
Chicken breast in tikka sauce
Ground beef with vegetable (lettuce, tomato and cucumber) salad with few slices of raclette cheese.


protein shake + tomato and cucumber
ground beef with vegetable salad
butter chicken with one piece of naan
small beef wrap with lettuce



Squats: 55 kg
Overhead Press: 20 kg
Deadlift: 45 kg

My arms and shoulders were still quite sore from last training, so I managed to finish the series with only 20 kg on overhead press. My technique for squats improved and I managed them ok, deadlift was easy.

Food: (My ¨Carb¨ day):
pain au chocolate
small piece of oatmeal banana bread (tested a new recipe which turned pretty great :slight_smile:
protein shake
burger with fries
ice cream



Yoghurt and cucumber
2x baked pork with carrots and onions



After two series of squats I felt sick in my stomach must have been my lunch…, so I did not continue…

protein shake
chicken curry with one piece of naan


Protein shake
beef tacos with corn
ground pork with tomatoes and onion