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Silver Neckalce


I'm looking to buy a Silver necklace. I'm thinking 8mm 22" Curb chain style. What should I expect to pay? Any suggestions on where I should buy it from? jewelery store? Kiosk at the mall? Online? So far it looks like I'll be looking at about $150

I know jewelery stores play games like 60% OFF!!!! when in reality you aren't getting a deal.


First of all jewelry is gay, second of all is this really such a big decision you had to make a thread about it?


it's get a life man, chill the fuck out.

you're gay

....see I can be immature too :wink:


To follow this theme nothing says cheap like silver.

So now you are gonna be a cheap gay guy.


This is not true.

Silver is awesome because it is shiny as fuck and kills vampires and werewolves.

Gold is for the Pope, black preacher, and poor people trying to look rich.

Platinum is for people who can afford it. Which is nobody.


Listen dude, she isn't going to spend more time with you if you buy some stupid fucking necklace. Stop trying to mask your insecurities about yourself through rampant, unnecessary materialism. It's ugly, and it's a pattern that's destroying this country.


Silver > Gold.


To be fair silver looks much better on men. Gold is far too tacky.


If you're trying to be really gay (and cheap), opt for the "Pearl Necklace".


Whats the occasion for this necklace you want to give to your lady friend?


H's trying to buy his balls back.


I'd say take the 200 bucks and buy a nice hooker.


I wear a small silver chain. I bought it 20 years ago at an antique boutique, and it was an antique back then. It's probably over 40 or 50 years old. I've never seen a link like this one has since.



Why the fuck are you still talking about something that happened soooo long ago? I'm over it, have been...ARE YOU OVER IT??? Doesn't look like you are

I've been thinking about getting one for a while. I used to have one and I'm pretty sure I lost it.

I definitely hear what you are saying about materialism. I'm not materialistic, I don't have more than I need/appreciate and I take care of the things I have...What about you? You don't buy anything besides your bare essentials such as food/clothes/dildos? I just think a necklace would be tight, I like the way it would look, thats all.

Whats ruining this country is when people feel the need to live up to what others have (keeping up with the jones's ya know?) when they can't afford it. But they refuse to go without so they go into debt to get what they want...

I was at store asking about the neckalces and the lady tells me that they have a payment plan....ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? for something that costs $150-$200? THATS how you know this country is fucked up. I'd come in with cash if I get one. My dad has bought all of our families cars with checks, never leasing one, thats the mentaility I have when it comes to buying shit, if I can't afford it, too bad.


Don't listen to this guy^^

I bought a silver Tiffanys Key necklace for my fiancé as a graduation present and she loves it.


Yeaaaaah man! I'm with you on this one. I buy all my houses with cash or check only! If you can't do that? Too bad!

EDIT: on a serious note I used to have the same outlook on things. I bought a new car and a new motorcycle with cash so I wouldn't have a payment... Never had a credit card until I turned 28 cause I bought everything in cash... Now I realize "hey... I have ZERO credit now and no one wants to give me a good home loan."



Look online, you'll be able to find much better prices. That's where I've gotten mine.

Obviously you'll want to find a reputable source, but I've always done my research and found great quality for great price.


What about me? Do I buy just the bare essentials? No, of course not. But I also make those less-than essential purchases without starting a thread about it, meaning the choice is based on MY ability to decipher just how unnecessary the purchase is. It's also based on MY taste for what I'm wearing/using/sporting/possessing, not the amalgam of idiotic suggestions from people like myself on these boards.


When people say that they are buying "with cash" it usually means that they are not financing through debt - not literally using CASH. I buy EVERYTHING with my credit card and pay it off in full at the end of the month. I have not once carried a balance on it.


The choice to get a necklace IS MINE, based on MY taste...I'm not asking IF I should get one, I'm simply asking where I can get the best deal, did you really miss that?