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Silva vs Griffin: Was it Rigged?



I watched the video. Either Silva is the second coming or Griffin took a dive.

Griffin is a tough SOB. Silva made him look like a child. Silva's punches don't even look that hard.


I don't think it was rigged. Well other than it being set up to be a KO by anderson, due to the matchup. Forrest had his jaw dislocated early in the fight, either the first or second time he was knocked down. That last shot while not an incredible power shot was landed right on his jaw, I can't imagine it feeling very good. Anderson is at his very best when he can counter punch.

I don't know why people don't understand this about him. If you want to beat him, I would suggest not trying to string more than two punches together. One or one two and get the hell back. Work that for a while and try to take him down with a fake jab and then a shot.

It's pretty clear forrest didn't gameplan for this fight. I mean who in thier right mind would go into a fight with anderson and be thinking, Hey i'm gonna go in and out box him. Or better yet, Hey i'll go in brawling, swinging wildly, he has never decimated anyone when they do that before. In reality, it was a bad gameplan by a decent fighter against one of the best strikers in the world.



I can't imagine Griffin diving, he is known for protracted battles. That last right by Silva didn't look like it had much behind it though, just a lot of velocity to the right spot.


Dammit,Wol. You need a lesson,boy..lol. Accuracy and speed........I repeat,accuracy and speed. Plus,Forrest was moving with all of his weight forward.

You got to get a grasp of understanding the fight game and some of the physics involved before saying his punches "don't look that hard."

People said the same crap about his punch to James Irvin...that shattered his cheekbone. I don't understand why people think Silva isn't capable of power. His build makes his punches deceiving to the dude watching his fights on a TV screen.

Good grief.


I want to put my foot up your ass for even suggesting such a thing. How about this instead... you come rushing at me and I'll throw a couple of punches right on your chin and we'll see how well you fare.


Oh and apparently Forest didn't have an injury to the jaw, and even heard he wasn't really hurt that bad. Seems odd.



Where did you hear that Vegita?


You guys are fucking idiots if you think it was rigged. It does not take much force at all to cause a flash knockout with those tiny gloves. Have any of you fucks ever actually been punched in the face? Like Big Boss said, speed and accuracy. Forrest was the hand picked sacrificial lamb, offered up to make another 'HOLY SHIT' moment to add to Silva's mystique.


Silva is an AMAZING striker! As Vegita said, the matchup was created so Silva could shine and he did. Forrest has always been an undisciplined styled fighter IMHO. That being said, he has always been funner than hell to watch to, until he met Silva.

Plain and simple Forrest got knocked out for several seconds twice. The last time he actually looked like he thought he was still standing up. If you look at Silva's punches in slowmo, they are perfect! He is punching through Forrest's face not just to it and they all land right on the jawbone KO button! Forrest did not have his chin down or his guard up (while punching). Very sloppy! The better fighter won.


I watched in slowmo as well. Forest got tagged right on the chin at least 10 times.


getting hit in the face repeatedly while mounting zero offense = bad day in the octogon. If he was goign to throw the fight, he'd at least have hit Anderson a couple times *beyond the two shots Anderson let him have by sticking his chn out with his hands down.


Shhhhh!!! The muay thai and boxing guys might hear you and disagree


I don't disagree and I feel bad for Forret. I've always felt Silva was more a TMA guy than a MT guy. Majority of people disagree but I hold to it. And that fight gave me a flashback.

I once allowed a San Soo Kung Fu master a free liver shot (don't ask, it takes to long to explain my past issues) The main thing I remember as I was flung backwards, is that it didn't so much hurt as shut me down. That one contact just shut my body down to where for a minute I didn't want anyone to touch me at all. It was such a shock mentally I just couldn't wrap my mind around what happened.

for the record that master is a close friend now.

When I saw Anderon drop Forrest (for the third time), that's what it reminded me of. He didn't so much look hurt, as if he was shut down. and couldn't comprehend how it happened.

Oh well, wonder if Hendo still wants that rematch?

Oh and here's a thought Anderson Silva v Fedor in a catch weight match who wins?


Fucking stupid.


Surely you are kidding? I'd say he's the most accurate striker in MMA. And as we can see, accuracy kills.


If you hang out on this board long enough you'll eventually be exposed to a few guys who say Anderson's striking is merely mediocre, and his success only highlights the subpar striking of MMA...those are cliff notes of previous arguments


While I do agree that subpar striking is rampant in MMA, anyone that claims Silvas is mediocre or that his looks so good 'cause others are so bad is a damn fool. His accuracy is mindblowing. Never really been a fan of Griffin, always thought he won because of people looking past him and plain dumb toughness, but what Silva did to him the other night was almost sad to watch. He's by far the best fighter in MMA, and it's not even close.


The only thing more ridiculous than the topic of this thread is anyone realistically thinking the question: "Silva vs Lesner?"


Silva just has a better skill set than Forrest:

  1. Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do
  2. Black Belt in Judo
  3. Balck Belt in BJJ
  4. His Muay Thai is the best in the UFC

Griffin is just known for being a tenacious son of a bitch. He's very "night and day". He's beating Rua and Rampage one night then losing to Evans and Jardine the next night. I think that's a calling card of someone who technically doesn't quite match up but due to shear will can beat some pretty tough competition.

Silva's just on another level.


This. Silva is a lot more technical and has a lot more martial art experience, although Griffin never gives up.

I have always thought Silva was the best in the UFC in my opinion. He clearly dominated Forrest Griffin; he was toying with him.