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Silva Says He Can Fight at WW


Anderson is considering going to WW for two fights one would be to test the waters and see if he can make the weight, if he is successful the second would be to challenge GSP. Discuss...


Silva vs GSP. . that would be classic - i see gsp takin silva down and GnP like he has done with everyone else. . . ofcourse thats if silva doesnt sniper him before the takedown.. . would be awesome fight


Now this would be awesome, to see him fight GSP at WW, I mean you hear of Anthony Johnson starting his camp at 220 which is what anderson walks around at. You hear him talking about 4 belts tho......its crazy to think about but if anyone could it would be him. Very interesting to hear him say this


Doesn't Silva walk around at about 220? The fight would be a clash of the titans. I don't know if GSP could neutralize Silva's jiu-jitsu or reach advantage. GSP via Riddum in the 3rd round.


BJ was talking about it awhile back, he probably could have done it too if he would have trained seriously. I remember he said his diet for the GSP1 fight was a milkshake and burrito a day.


haha that is Golden, A burrito and milkshake.....its true tho, BJ has all the talent in the world and you can see he is finally training hard and you can see how it is paying off he made Diego look like a child in the ring. And when you think that he went 3 rounds with machida. Weighing a FAT 188.

I really hope this fight works out, it would be the fight of the century.


i dunno...it seems like a lot of explosive striker-types that cut too much weight lose that power. i guess i was thinking of Swick and Condit, who've seem just worn out, lately...

granted, Silva is a different athlete, but i think he's campaigning for a cathcweight fight with GSP here, and isn't really serious about makign the weight...


Silva spent a good portion at WW during his career...so I figure he can do it again with no major issues.


really? the only fight i've seen AS as WW was his first or second Muay Thai fight


Mmmm I don't know why everyone wants to see this fight really...GSP although a champion...does not finish fights...he just goes 5 rounds and beats the shit out of his opponents...but seriously I wanna see GSP actually FINISH someone off instead of always going 5 rounds...
I know before he had fights like that, but I dunno just doesn't see that way now.

If anything I want to see Anderson Silva fight inthe 205lb division...that is A LOT more exciting cause that division is stacked with tons of fighters.

Even the damien vs. silva fight this weekend...definately not interested in seeing that..everyone just wants to see silva bang and hopefully the fight won't be like the thales one.

I also really want to see jon jones face anderson silva. Give jones a couple more fights and I think it'd be great for him to fight silva. I know this is off topic but from day one I said it when I saw jones fight. He is going to be the champ, and hold it for a real long time.


Silva can do it.. fought well at welter.
It would be an easy cut, and a great super fight.

I do hate how people dismiss BJ.

I think people forget that BJ did not only move up and down in weight aside from Hughes II and GSP II
where not training properly or going a full on camp caught up with him.
he did kick ass.
He dominated.

first He crushed Gomi when Gomi was the shit.
then he went to Japan and beat some Gracie asses,
then he fought Lyoto to a decision go watch that fight.
Lyoto could not get off anything.

then re-watch his first fights with Hughes, and GSP.
If anyone Has already done this its BJ.

can BJ beat GSP or be competitive- probably not.
can Silva make any fight entertaining?


Until Mousasi goes to the UFC


This isn't what I expected. I figured Silva would go up to face the LHW div, take on Shogun, Page, Evans. He's a pretty big MW.... no he's one of the biggest, and he carries both his speed and power into the LHW div.
Personally I think it would be more natural for GSP to move up to fight him. The guy reportedly walks around at 195lbs now, obviously lean, and I'm sure adding 10lbs more quality mass isn't out of the question, especially since he has that huge frame of his.

The problem with the above is that I don't think GSP particularly wants to fight Anderson at MW, in the same vein as Anderson not wanting to fight Fedor at HW- he doesn't think he'd be competitive. And all things considered I agree.

Eagerly anticipating the outcome of this bit of news.


What? Silva said he'd fight Fedor.


I wanna see GSP/A.Silva at any weight...GSP has said over and over he wants to be known as pfp champ, though the thought of a pfp champ is still silly. But for GSP to be known as such, he's gonna have to beat BJ, A.Silva, Lyoto/Rua, Lesnar/Carwin, and Fedor.

Why cant UFC have an open weight class?


Silva shouldn't cut to welter to fight GSP who definitely wants to go up in weight. With Anderson I'm not that sure: He wanted to quit, then he fought at LHW once, now wants to lose weight.
[edit: as one gets older,] it becomes harder and harder to add quality muscle and to integrate both the new meat and total weight into ones style (while at the same time keeping busy in that utterly complex sport of MMA).
So, I think Dana F. White should stop this nonsense and buy both guys some hamburgers with extra cheese and gravy. And tell them to fight at LHW.

And I say no to open weight (which is not a bad idea itself) because GSP wants to and should go up asap. There is no one left for him.

Ceterum censeo, Fedor is easily the best pfp because he could cut to LHW easily (probably by just cutting evening shots and Vareniki) . Basically, he got GSP's body with an extra 30lbs of lard.


Athletic commissions would never allow it, these tourneys ruined people like wanderlei silva.


thats a stupid reason


If k-1 and Muay Thai can have tourneys why not MMA? i love some events here at brazil that have tourney.

Wanderlei isn't ruined he just didn't evolve his game.


BS he started losing to guys he beat by KO did Cro Cop and Hendo evolve, Mark Hunt, NO!!! And for the upteenth time athletic commissions will not allow an open weight tourney.