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Silva KTFO


Too much clowning around. Got caught playing around and paid for it. At least he was a good loser! Definitely worth the $55.


We must have been posting at the same time. Stupid, Stupid, performance.


Agreed, quite an embarrassing way to lose not only the MW title, but also the title of best p4p MMA fighter in the world. Just goes to show though, as Rogan appropriately pointed out, that we are all human and fallible and if you "play with fire" long enough that you will eventually get burned. Hope up and comers heed the warning and use it as motivation to never underestimating their opponents and always keep a good fundamental defensive position when striking.


He does this every fight though and this time he got caught bout damn time


A glorious day for America. Not so glorious for all the Brazilians who lost all their matches tonight.


Yup Brazil usually dominates in UFC!


Damn. I really didn't see that coming. I figured if he was going to get clocked for clowning around it wasn't going to be from Weidman, since I think the guy is sharp, young, strong--but unpolished. I really didn't see him being able to corner Silva to take any good shots since he is so shifty. EDIT--on the feet I mean. We have seen Silva taken down and threatened or pressured on the ground, and Weidman is a good wrestler.

On the other hand....if you run around like Muhammed Ali with your hands to your sides, you'll meet the guy who gets lucky to land.


Haha I would hardly go that far. Jose Aldo is the only current Brazilian Champ now. If we are going to base that unfounded claim solely on that.





Barboza won his fight as well, so not sure what you mean about the Brazilians losing.