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Silly Girls...


They're sooo adorable. I love them. Sooo fucking cute. AND GULLIBLE!
Post some cute misinformed stuff that you heard from girls.
I just talked to my friend online after a while and long story short...

jcaesar88: (4:48:32 PM) its funny how girls think they're gonna look like pro bodybuilders when they pick up some weights
girl: (4:48:44 PM) lol who thinks that
girl: (4:48:54 PM) girls dont produce testorone
girl: (4:49:00 PM) so they wouldnt bulk up like men
jcaesar88:outburst of laugh, causing him to flip over

waits for someone to misinterpret it

So yeah, go on


friend Jamie: I just want a nice guy...

me: :confused: <~~~~ that's my skeptical, rolling the eyes face "...so you can complain about what a pussy he is a month after dating him just like the last "nice guy" you dated?" yea, she has a problem...



Really though, there's not much T in a girl's system, but ladies have plenty of GH and IGF-1, which are also pretty anabolic... But your friend is right, gurlz don't bulk like guys. Inform her of her anabolic friends.


"really holymac? you mean to tell me if i swallow after everytime i go down on you, i'll actually get smarter and i can get good grades to get into nursing school?"



jcesar, does your friend look as good as you? :slightly_smiling:



Right on man.

oh and jcesar is a dude man, just saying.


JCaeser is the cat in that pic.


You mean it's NOT TRUE?!?!


Lol nice. some funnies already.

Brauny96- hai bebe <3


Megan Fox: "Wow! You have a high-rise double-pump carburetor. It squirts the fuel in so you go faster"


haha classic


Girl: If our pets were insects the cat would be like a frog cause he is always bouncing around.
Me: Think about what you just said for a second and get back to me.
Girl: What?
Me: Facepalm.


I would hope you find his friend more attractive than this...homo.


lol, classic.


while holding my hand

her: "you...have EARTH HANDS!"

me: "wat."

looking at her own hands

her: "but i...have AIR hands."

me: "...what does that mean?"

her: "i don't know."

puts her head down


not seeing the silly/funny in this post


what.the fuck


Girls rock:)


lol no one in nursing school is smart.



girls dont produce testosterone until they hit menopause, silly.