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Silly Ephedra Question


Hi gang,

Okay I've tried using the search engine to figure out a starting dosage program of Ephedra (stacked with 200 mg of caffeine), but I'm getting a LOT of results back that harp on the banning of E but nothing to do with an actual dosage program..:wink:

Any ideas? I was thinking of 16mg of E with the 200mg of caffeine 3x a day.

Is that reasonable? I figure that I don't want to go beyond 60mg of E a day, so I'm comfortable around the 48mg (daily) mark...

Too high? Too low?

Sorry if this is a FAQ...REALLY I am.


The best dose of ephedra with caffiene is 1:10, E:C (typically 20mg:200mg).

Start with taking this dose once a day and see how you respond. Work up to no more than taking this dose three times per day spaced out (i.e. one dose each at breakfast, lunch, dinner).



Ephedrine HCL comes in the dosage of 25mg. Ephedra products vary in terms of dosage. You can figure out how many milligrams of ephedrine are in a ephdra product by using a little math: most of them list it as a "%" of total alkaloid. In other words, if it says its 300mg of ephedra with 8% alkoloids, you would use the following equation: 300 x .08; that would give you 24mg of ephedrine in that ephedra dose.

The research done with ephedrine was 20mg w/200 mg of caffiene. Use the 25 mg. or so..its close enough!


Adding a baby aspirin to the 20-25/200 will help too.



Dan Duchaine has always stated a 50mg ephedrine, 200mg caffiene and narangin mixture, this works a treat, three times a day.

Asprin does not potentiate the effects of EC as proven in:

Int J Obes Relat Metab Disord. 1996 Feb;20(2):91-7.



Thanks everyone for responding. I know it's a pretty "basic" question.

Lucid why the addition of the baby aspirin? Just curious since I thought the old standy of the ECA stack was "refined" to simply the EC stack.

(Or ECY stack, but I live in Canada and can't get any Yohimbe)



There are a few different explanations depending on who you talk to. Here are a few: Aspirin is thought to inhibit the negative feedback loop that would reduce ?-agonist production, and aspirin is supposed to reduce urinary excretion of ephedrine keeping it in the blood longer and prolonging its stimulating effects.

Aspirin has not actually been proven to help improve thermogenesis of the EC stack. Aspirin does thin the blood, and could help with the rise in blood pressure associated with the stack. If you do take aspirin find the 80mg pills or cut the 325mg pills in half, since taking large amounts of aspirin for an extended period of time can tear up your stomach.

Hope this helps. ~Paul


Thanks all...I really appreciate your feedback.

I think I'll just skip the aspirin then, if there's no real thermogenic gain to using it. Plus why unneccessarily tax the stomach?

Much appreciated T-gang and keep up the good fight!