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Silk Amino Acid? (SAA)


you received one trial serving of Blox, which is Slik Amino Acid :

What do you think of this product ?

I actually take BCAA before and after workout +/- Glutamine

Thanks !

I think the “silk” is more marketing hype than anything.

I have tried the samples as well. I use my BCAA as part of my daily and post workout. I really didn’t notice any better recovery or anything. These were samples so who knows.

I’d say if what you are using now works then stick to it, no need to spend money on something that so far to me has been 50/50 in the reviews I have read around the net.

crap, crap, crap

and marketing hype that I just had to try haha. I bought a bottle of that junk and it did jack shit. Total waste of money. I went back to buying Biotest BCAA’s.