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the butt/breast man thread got me thinking about this one. what is the members(men and women) feelings on breast implants? i personally do not understand how any man could find them attractive, or how any women would think it would please a man.

t-women, lets reverse it and perhaps you will see what i mean. you go out with a guy, things end up back at your/his place, he pulls “it” out, and boom! there is a 9-10 incher right there. you think at first"booyah! hit the jackpot!", but then upon further “inpection” you realize that it is an implant. you thought you bagged a stud, instead, you bagged a guy with 3000 extra dollars and a piece of silicone inserted into his penis. does that turn you on? i mean, if having a big one is that important that you will take a guy with a fake one, then why not just go out and get an extra grande sex toy?

i feel the same way about fake boobs.
holla back…


I don’t think comparing fake breasts to a penile implant is a good comparison.

Breasts for the most part are visually stimulating/appealing. A man’s penis on the other hand is directly involved in sexual satisfaction through penetration. A small penis does not provide the same feeling of containment that a large one does and is not capable of hitting that elusive G-spot regardless of angle.
Would you feel like you were duped if a Woman spent that 3,000 on a surgical procedure that would tighten her vagina?

Now if a man had pec implants instead of doing some time under heavy loads I wouldn’t be impressed at all. Part of the appeal of big muscles is the time and dedication it took to achieve them…for me anyway…kind of like the time and dedication I put into my Kegel exercises. ;o)

that is a typical womens point of view maiden! to you guys, boobs are no big deal, but to us, they play an important part in the whole sex thing. but if they are not real, just some plastic/silicone stuffed under their skin, it just provides 0 chemistry, and is just a turn off to me.

are you saying you would prefer a man with a fake big one than a “real” smaller penis?

i am not saying that for a woman size should not matter, i no that it does(just ask my wife, lol), but i would rather a woman have small real breasts than fake large ones.

Image. Image. Image.

And some fun for the guy involved.

I love it. Silicone produces the look of a full rack, geometrically perfect (keeps its shape), and the lady still can keep insanely low bodyfat levels while keeping all the visual punch of a full breast. In short, artifical ‘fat’ where it counts. Keep it coming.

I have a friend that got the most perfect implants I’ve ever seen last year. Her doctor was fantastic. They are the most natural looking/feeling hooters I’ve ever seen/felt. If all doctors took the time to learn the proper procedures and show some personal care for their patients, we’d all be cheering for implants. I’ll try to post pictures of this girl someday.

Douggy, feel free to post before and afters.


Breast implants under the muscle provide a more “natural” look, but is a more complicated procedure. Do I mind implants? No, however, that’s as long as the usual mental baggage is addressed and dispelled. Maxwell Maltz’s “Psycho-Cybernetics” (which I’m reading again, for probably the fourth time) goes into this very well.

I can’t comment on the penile implant thing – absolutely no opinion there.

Douggystyle: Yep. That too. Implants can be obvious (pornstar Brianna Banks) or discrete (look at pornstar Anita Blond for an example of size, shape and ‘bounce’).

I never said breast size wasn’t a big deal to women. Psychologically it can be a very big deal…hence the implant popularity. Many women have their self worth attached to their cup size…mainly because many men like big breasts…nothing wrong with that…different things appeal to different people.

Now is this wonderful man with the small penis going to be crushed when I want to bring B.O.B. into bed with us because his small penis hasn’t totally satisfied me? Good Oral skills can help to a point, but not totally.

Heavythrower, I’m with you on the breast implants. It’s a turnoff to me when a woman has implants. I guess if the woman is completely flat then it is a different story. I don’t understand why woman with b’s or c’s get implants to make them d’s. I’m not talking about regular sized(c’s) implants but when a woman gets d’s it just doesn’t look right. Just my opinion.

To you men who knock silicone implants, you have probably never been with a woman who had them. Truth is they look/feel better if the woman had breasts to begin with because then the entire implant is actually covered with breast tissue, and feels and looks soft and real.
It is woman who have nothing to begin with (A cup) who typically end up with a “bad boob job” otherwise known as “the smartie look”.
Most woman with breast implants are hot. They show extra care in looking after themselves and in maintaining their beauty. Remember, implants are not cheap

Brider, you are wrong. Breast implants under the muscle do not provide a more natural look, because the placement will be low. The degree of how natural the breast implant will look depends on the size of the implant and the amount of pre-existing breast tissue.
Furthermore, placement under the muscle has many complications, and most plastic surgeons prefer not to place them there.

Usually I just don’t like the look of the fake ones. I’ve never felt a fake breast, so I don’t know about that aspect. I’d probably be more concerned that the girl might have other baggage (hence the implants), rather than whether or not she had the implants themselves.

IronMaiden: What’s small? Perhaps a compromise would be a penis-extender?

Okay Iron Maiden, let’s get down to brass tacks – what, exactly, are small penis dimensions to you?

P#22: Actually, some can use it to enhance their overall qualities, like you said. But it’s the usual double-edged sword, yin-yang thing: some will use it to compensate. Some are just flakes too. Caveat emptor, as usual! Amen when you do get a gem.

Brider you’re setting yourself up for failure…!

But you just had to ask didn’t ya.

I’ve seen too many that look like softballs glued onto the chest, so for the most part I would agree with heavy. I have seen some that were really well done and were’nt too obvious, which looked good. Personally I prefer natural, “imperfect” boobs over fake “perfect” looking ones.

Brad – no, actually my wife is quite satisfied. I’m not looking for anything on the side. I just knew the question was on a lot of the guys’ minds, so I thought I’d throw it out in the open.

Alright these are the best pics I could find now. They are “afters”

I thought you’d all appreciate the corset.