Silicone Wedding Bands

Like a lot of guys I take my wedding band off when I lift. Not for everything but definitely for deadlifts.

My wife wasn’t crazy about me being without my wedding band in the gym so she asked me to look at the silicone wedding bands. My first purchase was an Enso ring. It worked pretty well until i got it some cleaning solvent when I was cleaning some paint brushes. It got all stretched out. I ordered a new one but after a few months it just wasn’t snug the way I like. After some research I bought a Kauai ring. It’s been great so far.

Anyway the Enso rings start around $24 and go up to $40 something. The Kauai ring was only $6. At that price you could buy 3 or 4 different colors, etc. so, if you’re thinking about a silicone wedding band, check out Kauai. Definitely worth the savings.

Nice, I got one from my wife who got me one.

I generally don’t wear these unless I’m with her. Are these competition legal? Do you find any difficulty wearing these during deadlift?

Don’t know about competition rules but I wear my silicone ring 24/7 these days and don’t feel a thing. Way more comfortable than with a conventional wedding ring

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This is brilliant ive never heard of this before
Im a glazier by trade so this would actually solve all my dramas of breaking glass with my ring

I don’t wear my ring as it interferes with masturbation and I can’t be arsed taking it on or off multiple times per day.

How does this silicone idea work in that respect?


Texture :ok_hand:

This is my Black Diamond ring from Kauai for $6


I’ve worked with/for a lot of glaziers and have heard this can cause a lot of problems.

I ruined mine getting weld spatter on it, but I can’t stand having anything on my hands or fingers anyways.

I’ve blown a few toughened doors from it chipping on the ring so I don’t wear it to work anymore
Have been tempted to make it into a necklace but the silicone is a game changer

Considering I masturbate with my right hand, I’m afraid I have no experience to share with you :joy:

For 6 bucks it is worth a try. You can’t feel them really. I’m going to order a few more. Camo for sure…what’s more redneck than a camo wedding ring??


It’d probably be a good ring for electricians aswell

New camouflage ring. For $6, these are pretty cool and I don’t worry if I tear it up.

My wife hates that I don’t wear my wedding ring, but I can’t at the gym, and then I work with copper cylinders that have to be fuckin spotless, and polished copper can be scratched with a fingernail, much less a stainless steel ring. I’ve been telling my wife for years now if she wants me to wear a ring to get me one of those. Oh well, doesn’t really bother me that much, but if she got me one I’d certainly wear it to keep her happy.

$6 bucks brother. Cheapest way you’ll make your wife happy this week :joy:


I’ve worn mine in 5-6 USAPL meets, local and state levels. No problem!

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We got a pair of $15 silicone ones off Amazon for the beach. I wear a 13 in metal bands but the rubber one was a bit loose needed a 12.

I second wearing a rubber band if you have a dangerous job. My dad broke his ring finger when he fell off scaffolding at work and his wedding band caught. He was hanging from that finger. He rushed home and we used a cutoff wheel to get that sucker off.